'LOVE, Death & Robots' - Netflix's 'Heavy Metal' for post-millennials. 

Produced by David Fincher and 'Deadpool' director Tim Miller, 'Love, Death & Robots' is the streaming service's  attempt to colonise a hard sci-fi animation niche that's been left dormant.

Remember 'Heavy Metal', the 1981 animated film based on the  French magazine Metal Hurlant?

The feature length hodgepodge of stories about stoner aliens, voluptuous androids, horny   space travellers, dragon-riding heroines in overdriven pulp touches?

''A step beyond science fiction'' was the tagline; a 13 year-old boy peering at intricate drawing of rayguns and boobies with flashlight under the sheets was the vibe.

For a generation of geeks, this was solid gold.

Fast Forward to right now - past the years of Spikes & Mike's Twisted Animation festivals and MTV's Liquid Television, the endless  rewatchings of Akira and the rise of Adult Swim and you can find outre toons a few keyboard clicks away.

But perhaps you have a certain animation itch that needs to be scratched and only a topless cyborg who can turn into a mechafox hellbent on vengeance will do the trick.

Maybe Netflix knows this. Maybe they even have just the thing to scratch said itch. [Courtesy Rolling Stone]


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