'' LUNATICS '' : A Netflix Original Series

THIS is a 10-part series around six characters, all written and played by Lilly.

Santa Clarita Diet really is very good comedy show. So is Brooklyn Nine Nine. So, too, are far more shows than I have ever realised.

I view everything now, you see, through new eyes. Eyes that have seen Australian commedian Chris Lilley's new offering  LUNATICS.

There's Keith Dick, a fashion retailer in Canberra who has ''objectophilia'' and was in love for much of his marriage with his shop's cash register.

There's a Sydney estate agent Quentin, the apple of his mother's eye, who has an abnormally large abdomen, relentlessly foul mouthed 12-year-old Adelaide resident Gavin Campbell, who is heir to an English earldom; ex-porn star and compulsive boarder Joycee; 7 ft tall college student Backy, and South African Jana Melhoopen-Jonks, pet psychic to the stars and ''loud and proud woman''.

And - that's it, basically. If you are finding any of this funny - well, good for you and enjoy.

If you're not, then probably news that Backy's legs are also massively swollen and the bones fused together to give her a odd-gait, that the estate Gavin ''No f.... given'' Capmbell is due to inherit is called ''Gayhurst Manor'', and that the earl's son has apparently been cut of the will because he's disabled probably won't change your mind.

The best thing about  LUNATICS  is that the fear that one of the characters - Jana, who sports what looks like an afro-wig was going to be another tilt by Lilley at blackface appears to be unfounded.

In two previous series, he has been condemned for blacking up as an African rapper S mouse in 2011's Angry Boys and the eponymous Jonah  in 2014's series  Jonah from Tonga , the resurrection of a character from his series  Summer Heights High from 2007, when objections were more muted. [[Courtesy The Guardian]]


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