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AMITABH BACHCHAN : ''SOCIAL MEDIA is the modern generation's atomic bomb.'' !WOW! -couldn't agree with him more.

Amitabh Bachchan is not only a very great artist and actor, he is also a very high class human. The World Students Society stops to pay respects and honor him and through his great-self, his family.

And as this great man, would vouch and honor some day in the very near future, - that The World Students Society is the world's only and best defense against wars, criminals and generally just lower form of life.

THE EVOLUTION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY {IT} revolutionised the world of warfare in many, many ways never imagined before.

History tells us that conflicts are part and parcel every new major invention made in the field of IT :  the invention of printing press in the fifteenth century brought religious wars in Europe leading to the breakdown of the Holy Roman Empire..

Radio, directly and indirectly, fueled World War II. Most recently, social media brought the Arab Spring to the Middle East. Russia's annexation of Crimea, and Donald Trump to the corridors of power.

Interestingly, warfare which was a subject of the nation-states is no longer confined to them, as  social media brought the battlefield to individuals, organisations, institutions and groups.

Today's battlefield is no longer visible and defined and neither is it a matter between two adversaries.
By bringing the battlefield  to mobile screens, social media has completely changed the way wars are fought, analyzed and reported.

Social media warfare is a reality and it can no longer be ignored. Today it doesn't matter if you are interested in war or not, war has already taken you in and now you are officially an actor in modern warfare.

The 20th century, which was a time of kinetic warfare, brought death and destruction to the whole world. But in the second half, lessons learned were used to establish an international order aiming to bring an end to bloody wars.

The post-1945 security system posed restrictions on the use of force. The invention of the A-bomb    -which meant total destruction - changed the attitude of states towards warfare and opened a new era of growth and prosperity facilitated by economic integration as a perk of globalisation.

As wars become costly and more destructive, states started to look for new ways to achieve their goals because the urge to fight and gain power as the innate characteristic of humans was still there.

The information revolution, with the invention of new technologies, provided an opportunity to fulfill these human desires and the 21st century became a century of Non-Kinetic warfare.

The start of this century has already taken states into its influence and now every other state  is modernising and developing new technologies to prepare for wars to come when the battlefield is dispersed and unclear as it circles around digital domains, cyber warfare, hybrid warfare and fifth generation warfare.

These categories of warfare have one common integral component and that is social media warfare.

So to understand them, familiarising ourselves with social media warfare is no longer just a collection of apps used to share your vacation pictures and posting daily updates regarding your life, it has now become a major weapon of manipulation, deception and propaganda.

It has all the ingredients that can be used to disrupt economic, social and political systems of any country.

It has proved dangerous as traditional wars and is in fact more dangerous in some ways because the enemy is no longer visible.

Furthermore, it has blurred the lines between war and peace, between criminal acts and acts of war, between combatant and non-combatant, between adversary and non-adversary, and between the domestic and international environment. 

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on ''Digital Warfare and Future'',  continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher, Awais Z Abbasi.

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