Headline April 21, 2018/ VOTE : '' 'BITTER WORLD'S BITCOIN' ''


THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - for every subject in the world, comes in peace, dignity, pride, and in respect for every law of the lands.

And The Students of the World, stop to give humanity, every single human, a standing ovation. On The World Students Society every single of us is equal before Almighty God and Man.

TAKING THE WORLD  FORWARD..............Into the eternity ahead will only be Fair Votes. And  Charles Kennedy made this master point :

''Fair Votes are fundamentally about the rights and the interests of the students, of the people''..And to this we take our honor and our pledge.

In the First World, many, many decades of systematic process of elections has helped to filter out  undesirable elements from politics leaving the space for genuine aspirants.

Politics, it may now be said is not a game that can be played only by the ones with wealth and power but ordinary middle-class folks can also harbor political ambitions.

The most appropriate examples are that of Barrack Obama of USA and Jacina Ardern of New Zealand who hail from humble and non-political backgrounds. In the Third World Jose Mujica, Hugo Rafael Chavez and Naraendra Modi are some very worthy examples.

IN THE WORLD OF ECONOMICS, where the main thrust is on earnings it is not surprising to see people from all walks of life, just selling themselves.

Although this jargon is usually taken in a negative sense but if given a slight better thought, it really makes a lot of sense. This is obvious from the way entrepreneurs sell their products, qualified employees seek employers who-

Who are willing to pay them higher salaries, sought-after entertainers, manage much higher remuneration for lending their services and the greater repute of professionals, the higher their charges.

So one way or the other, we are essentially engaged in selling our potential worth or worth at a price, either we fix ourselves or the buyer is ready to pay.

Mark A Lutz, emeritus professor of economics at the University of Maine, in his book, Economic For the Common Good : Two Centuries of Social Economic Thought in the Humanistic Tradition, while elucidating the differences between slavery and employment, writes :

''There is no real difference in kind between selling oneself and renting oneself.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the much heralded mathematical proof that the competitive capitalist economy is Pareto efficient [that is, meets the necessary conditions for maximum social welfare] needs to assume that individuals are permitted to sell or mortgage their persons for proper compensation,''

Practically speaking we are placed in a market where we bargain our virtues, talents and abilities with whosoever needs them.

Many types of human commodities are available from quacks to specialists, from counselors to academicians, from chemists to pharmacists there is a never ending list.

However, there is one special group that cannot be categorized in the true sense of the word and they are politicians.

They can constitute businessmen/professionals turned politicians or as in our country, military turned politicians, politicians by virtue of birth right, or as in the case of our incumbent prime minister [who had never dreamt of becoming one] through necessitating circumstances.

Who is in fact a professional politician? According to Google search : ''A person whose sole employment is political in nature, usually elected to office and paid a salary, but many collect donations from individuals and corporations.''

If such is the case then it would be interesting to see young students, graduates heading to become professional politicians but what should be their credentials or better still, what qualifications are required to become certified politicians?

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Votes, and Voting, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Huzaima Bukhari Adjunct Faculty of LUMS.

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