Headline April 13, 2018/ '' 'ENTHRONEMENT JAPAN'S EXQUISITENESS ' ''



''FIT FOR THE EMPEROR'' : And so The World Students Society - for every subject in the world  stops   to pay its  profound and humble  respects  to-

To His Imperial Highness Emperor Naruhito, the great people of Japan, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers and assure them of our highest esteem and respectful regards.

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SCEPTRES AND SILK: The sumptuous clothing of Japan's enthronement.

The abdication of Japan's outgoing Emperor Akihito and the enthronement of his son Naruhito will be solemn, ritual-bound affairs complete with sumptuous clothing and sacred paraphernalia.

Here are some of the key elements of the garb and gear that will be seen during the enthronement of the new emperor and subsequent key succession events.

The New Emperor's Clothes : For his enthronement, the new emperor will wear an outfit in the ''sokutai'' or ceremonial style. The outfit is now rarely seen and is dominated by a voluminous draped brown-gold outer robe with long, wide sleeves and a cinched waist.

Only the emperor wears this colour, with other royals sporting black, red, blue or other colours depending on their rank.

Royal attire often includes motifs of birds, as they were considered divine envoys in ancient times and the emperor's outer garment is decorated with mythological Chinese phoenix, believed to symbolise the arrival of peace.

During the ceremony, the emperor and other male royals will carry a ''shaku'' or sceptre - a narrow plain wooden plate not unlike a large shoehorn.

In the last royals, royals would sometimes attach  ''cheat sheets'' to the back to the back of the shaku to help guide them through complex rituals, and it can also be an indicator of their attentiveness.

''It would be obvious to people around you if your mind is wandering or disorderly because the  shaku would start to slant to the side,'' said Tomitaro Hashimoto, assistant professor at Shinto Studies at Reitaku University.

But the crowning glory of the emperor's outfit is the kanmuri hat, which consists of a simple flat black base and a towering  black tail  at the back and that extends upright 60 centimetres [about 24 inches ].

Fit For An Empress : Incoming empress  Masako will wear an elaborate outfit commonly known as ''junihitoe'' or many-layered robe.

''The outfits called ''sokutai'' [for men] and ''junihitoe'' [for women] date back to the Heian Era,,'' regarded as a golden period in Japanese culture, said Keizo Suzuki, head of the kimono museum on the outskirts of Tokyo.

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