Headline April 11, 2018/ '' '26,000 -LIGHT YEARS- !WOW!' ''

'' '26,000 -LIGHT YEARS- !E-WOW!' ''

MERIUM : 'ENGINEER - STUDENT- FOUNDER' - got to engineering by pure, wise default. And she very soon captured the very soul.

Beautiful, highly intelligent, calm and composed, but with a natural tendency to put on weight,

Merium, was a pure delight. She would gawk, and squirm with awe, as I would spin out my very eccentric and unfounded, half-baked, theories

So very popular among her class-mates, who simply couldn't thrive without touching base with her, Merium, would restfully moan, about how her classmates played havoc with her cell-phone credit.

The first iPhone, I ever saw in my life, was the one Merium had. She was gracious to let me try holding it for a few nano moments. She continued shining the screen for a good two minutes, when I handed the iPhone back.

ENGINEERS - STUDENTS - FOUNDERS : Haleema and Saima are one class of geniuses - on very regular basis. And no two stars can be more different from each other.

Haleema, or Haly as I lovingly call her, is simple, quiet and unassuming soul, that could most easily trip you into not looking deeply. Haleema has a first rate mind, that I always felt so jealous about.

Saima, on the same hand, is a pure artistic genius. Get to know her music hearings and likes, and you quickly grasp the penetrating, swirling mind of a highly talented creation.

Were time and circumstances meant to allow me more time, all these students and girls would be A-Class inventors for the humanity and the world.

For their love, kindness, respect, discipline, focus, sacrifices, and massive honors after honors that these Founders bestowed upon me, as they went about mastering the art of creative inventions, I stand very grateful

I thank you all, and expect of you all, even more, and greater sacrifices, as we go about fearlessly building a better world.

LIKE YOU ALL, in Astrophysics milestone, first photo of back hole expected. And for that...................

THE RESEARCHERS targeted two supermassive black holes...........

The first called Sagittarius A* - is situated at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, possessing 4  million times the mass of our sun and located 26,000 light years from Earth.

A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles [9.5 trillion km].

The second - called M87 resides at the center of the neighboring Virgo. A galaxy, boasting a  mass 3.5  billion times that of  the sun and located 54 million light years away from the Earth.

Streaming away from M87 at nearly the speed of light is a humongous jet of subatomic particles.

Black holes, coming in a variety of sizes, are extraordinarily dense entities formed when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle.

Supermassive black holes are the largest kind, developing matter and radiation and perhaps merging with other black holes. 

Psaltis described a black hole as ''an extreme warp in spacetime,'' a term referring to the three dimensions of space and one dimension of time joined into a single four-dimensional continuum.

Docelman said the projects researchers obtained first data in April 2017 from a global network of telescopes.

The telescopes that collected that initial data are located in the U.S. state of Arizona and Hawaii as well as Mexico, Chile, Spain, Antarctica. Since then, then, telescopes in France and Greenland have been added to the network.

The scientists will also be trying detect for the first time the dynamics near as matter orbits at near light speeds, before being swallowed into oblivion.

The fact that black holes do not allow light to escape makes viewing them difficult.

The scientists will be looking for a ring of light - radiation and matter circling at tremendous speed at the edge of the event horizon - around a region of darkness representing the actual black hole.

This is known as the black hole's shadow or silhouette.

''The shape of the shadow will be almost a perfect circle in Einstein's theory,'' Psaltis said .

If we find it to be different than what the theory predicts, than we go back to square one and we say,  ''Clearly, something is not exactly right.''

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents,  Scientists, Students, Professors and Teachers of  the world.

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