Headline April 04, 2018/ '' 'WORLDS' STUDENT WONDERS ' ''


THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY - for every subject in the world, - stops to give these very great heroes........

Student David Hogg from the United States, Student Alice Paul Tapper from the United States, Engineer and Student Shahzaib Khan Yusuafzai, from the United States and Student Greta Thunberg from Sweden, a standing ovation

They may only be teenagers, but all have drawn worldwide followings for their clear messages and  fierce commitment - symbols of a generation of surprising militancy.

Some member of this new generation are are even more precocious. Consider the example of this American schoolgirl Alice Paul Tapper, who was only 10 in 2017 when she started her ''Raise Your Hands'' campaign to encourage girls not to let themselves be intimidated.

The movement caught fire on social media, boosted by help from her Girl Scout troop and also by the celebrity of her father, CNN newsman Jake Tapper.

The World Students Society assures you all  of total support and hopes to have you join us on and for a !WOW!.

ON THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY  ;  the long, slow journey to honors, accomplishments and  Great Global Elections, this very year, Looms..

AND WITH that, The World Students Society has the singular honor to nominate the great Students of America, and-

Engineer Shahzaib Khan Yusufzai, - with an absolute blank canvas to set up, a ''Democratic Voting  Blog'' to elect the Student President for each country in the world.

The students of Pakistan are ready for elections : 1.0

Before I  press on, I stop to thank Hussain and Zilli, for outstanding ''Global Research and Thinking on Democracy, Voting Systems, and Students''

The World Students Society's ''Global Democracy and Voting System'' have to evolve, like this great Society itself.

We will keep Learning - country to country - [ 1.0 , 1.1,  1.2, ] keep distilling, keep incorporating, keep moving, and in the elections of the future, evolve a system like no other, the world has ever known. 

IF STUDENTS - IF YOUTH - has always been synonymous with protests, they seemed to have gone latent for years.

''We went through a generation or almost two when we were not seeing a lot activism,'' said  Elizabeth Matoo, a Rutgers University specialist in youthful in youthful political participation.

''The teenagers we are calling Generation Z now, '' she said, on showing a ''real inclination to engage in expressing their political voice.''

''They are starting to recognize what a force they are to be reckoned with .............a generation that wants to make things better and who does not really see their age as a barrier.''

As a proof she cited the involvement of Americans aged 18 to 29 in last November's US  congressional election : some 31 percent of them voted, the highest rate in 25 years, according to  Tufts University's Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement  [CIRCLE].

More educated than older Americans and having grown up with - and became completely fluent in    -the ways of social media, this generation knows how to organize and draw attention, said Sam  Abrams, a political science professor at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

These young militants can quickly assemble videos that are ''almost movie-quality stuff,'' said  Abrams, who is 30.

''This generation knows how to do that and convey these stories really effectively.''

Without social-media says Hogg - who has 950,000 Twitter followers - the Parkland students still  have organized their protests ''but not nearly to the scale that we did.''

But even if the social media makes it far easier to attract attention or draw followers, they offer no guarantee that this young generation can effect real change, Abrams emphasized.

''The big question always is can they sustain a movement?'' 

''Social change, he added'' it is slow, it takes many, many years.''

With college students coming and going - and graduating - Abrams say he has seen many student movements burst onto the scene, and then lose steam and fade away.

The World Students Society - for every subject in the world, is here, and very much to stay.

The Honor and serving of the latest ''Global Operational Research on Democracy, Voting, Elections, and Students'' continues.

With respectful dedication to the Great Students of America, Students, Professors and Teachers, and then the world.

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''' Honours New Worthies '''

Good Night and God Bless

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