THE GADGETS we hold in our hands inevitably creates desires in our hearts. Its no surprise then, that in an age where items like iPhone and many attached products make connections instantaneous, and -

And platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easier to jeer and fear, every country in the global game is in search for the next big thing.

The refrain one hears on the streets and reads in the newspaper of India and China and of course  Pakistan itself, is ''if only the next Steve Jobs would be born here''.

If not Steve [although he is the most frequently invoked role model], then there is hope for the next  Bill Gates, perhaps even the next Mark Zuckerberg.

In the quest to achieve these desires, many living in countries like India and China and Pakistan send their children to the best schools they can find and eke out money for the extra lessons in maths and physics and chemistry that are required.

In more recent days, coding has also become a craze; the language of computers,

It is assumed, learned young may facilitate the creation of the next genius who will devise a computer that appears even more miraculous than the ones that exist today.

The assumption behind all these efforts, dominant among the upper middle classes of China, India and Pakistan, Bangladesh and beyond is, that copying the trajectory of geniuses past is likely a means to construct the geniuses of the future.

The emphasis is on amassing these successes at as fast and admirable rate as possible.

The newspapers of Pakistan routinely carry stories about some Pakistani child who has managed to become the youngest programmer in this or that computer language or to have achieved a staggering number of As in an astounding number of 'O' and 'A' level subjects.

The newspapers of India are very much the same, with the exception being that that there is a wilder  kind of glee.

The Indians, given the outsourcing of various components of the tech boom, understandably imagine themselves to much closer to this goal. With the world's tech giants having their roosts in Bangalore and Gurgaon,-

It is fairly certain that the next tech genius or many future  tech geniuses will be born on the soil somewhere in between.

The honor and serving of  the latest operational research and thinking on the next tech geniuses, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Rafia Zakria


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