THE social and cultural conditions in most nations waiting for their Steve Jobs promote an environment that contradicts the idea of innovation.

INNOVATION, then, is not the product of a genius or even a hundred of geniuses  that happen to be born, accidentally...............

NEARLY all assumptions  of these developing countries are hopelessly flawed, both on the level of what they believe is necessary to-

To  produce the innovators of tomorrow and regarding the cultural and social conditions required to make the innovations succeed.

As a matter of fact, the social conditions in most of the nations waiting for a Steve Jobs to born in their midst actually promote and pursue conditions that are opposed to the idea of innovation itself.

Most Asian countries promote conformity ie not questioning  tradition, and competition without collaboration.

These are the exact opposite of the conditions identified by experts who who are trying to study how conditions for innovation can be created - the promotion of collaboration within groups, active efforts that-

That can motivate the most creative and innovative people in the society, an emphasis on speed and agility, and the ability to respond fast to changing conditions.

In addition to this, there must be an effort to surround innovators with mechanisms that work so that they can perform high-level tasks without spending their time figuring out how to fix the office copy machine.

Finally, the best that the country has should be frequently and visibly rewarded to motivate others.

The absence of these, and one can see this happening in India and China in particular but also in Pakistan, means one of the two things - either the operational and non-innovative teams of technology and information management companies will move their operations to these places, or-

Or the most innovative youth from these companies will taken away by US colleges and universities.

Of this latter group [ie the most innovative]  those who find it hard simple to acclimatise to an  environment that makes it as easy as possible for them to launch their companies will almost certainly never return.

The honor and serving of the latest global thinking on innovation and genius inventors continues.


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