'POPE' John Malkovich delights pilgrims in Saint Peter's Square as he films new TV series.

Dressed in white robes and other papal insignia, actor John Malkovich delighted throngs in Saint Peter's Square in the  Vatican City on Thursday [March 28] as he filmed a scene for Paulo Sorrentino's The New Pope series.

Pilgrims did a double take as the bearded ''pontiff'' strode around, the 65-year-old going as far as the greet babies proffered for his ''blessing''.

After the major success of of Sorrentino's The Young Pope series, starring Jude Law, the Italian director has returned with a follow-up drama with American Malkovich as Pope John Paul III  on board a black popemobile rather than the usual white variant.

Bodyguards were on hand just in case the enthusiasm of yellow  rose-waving bystanders ever got out of hand as he left the vehicle to acknowledge them.

As well as espying Malkovich, onlookers also got to see the escort of visiting Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite along the famed "via della Conciliazzione'' avenue enroute to a reception with Pope Francis.

But it appeared it was the actor who got top billing as he was put through his paces for the eight-part series - a collaboration between Sky HBO and Canal+

Law played an ultra-conservative and machiavellian Pope Pius XIII in The Young Pope, a well-received 10 part series. [Agencies]


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