TURN UP CHARLIE'' is Idris Elba's hilarious new Netflix series.

IDRIS ELBA'S new Netflix comedy ''Turn Up Charlie'' seems less a television show than a checklist of things Idris Elba wanted to do on camera.

In the series, which Elba co-created with Gary Reich, he plays Charlie, a 90s one-hit wonder who these days DJs at wedding while lying to his parents in Nigeria that he's still a huge success.

His childhood best mate  David is now famous actor with an equally famous DJ wife, Sara and through a series of wacky hijinks, Charlie winds up playing  nanny to their lonely, disruptive daughter Gabby.

The premise get a party going. It lets him do light comedy, when he's primarily known for intense characters like The Wire's Stringer Bell and Luther from the BBC show of the same name.
[Courtesy Rolling Stone].


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