OUR ENTIRE WORLD is under pressure, with growing inequalities in wealth and access to food and clean water.

Pollution and diminishing natural resources are sources of worry and increased the cost of living. Traditional cultural practices are are being swamped by global popular culture.

JOHN KOMLOS, Professor Emeritus University of Munich, noted in 2016 that two hundred and  fifty years after the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the -

The majority was still basically disconnected and unable to live fulfilled lives, while the people are threatening the very planet on which we live, thereby jeopardizing our own existence.

In such a situation, there was an urgent need to rethink approaches, ways and means to make a new beginning for a ''just economy'' and a decent society enabling opportunities to lead and share to promote-

Self-reliance, creativity in the spirit of community development, an integrated multipurpose, all comprehensive meaningful development programs covering all aspects of national life in urban as well as  rural sectors of the economy.

We may call it sufficiency thinking that could result in uplift if living standard and and bringing happiness to the people.

Models of ''sufficiency thinking'' aim to transform the mindset of a whole population to achieve the seemingly impossible :

Enriching everyone's lives in a truly sustainable way. Innovative management practices developed by experts have been applied across developing countries in agriculture, business, education, government and community development.

The term 'sufficiency' evokes a state being that is applicable to individuals, families and organisations, and tends to be most closely linked to modern attitude in all material things.

Moderation applies to all aspects of  life. Sufficiency is moderation.

If one is moderate in one's desire, one will have less craving. If one has less craving, one will take less advantage of others.

If all nations hold this concept without being extreme or insatiable in one's desires, the world will be a happier and peaceful.

Being moderate does not mean to be strictly frugal; luxury items are permissible but one should not take advantage of others in the fulfillment of one's desires.

Moderation, in other words, living within one's means should dictate all actions. Act in moderation; speak in moderation; that is, be moderate in all activities.

The honor and serving of the latest operational research on the *future rule and reign*, continues  The World Students Society thanks author and researcher, Iftikhar Ahmed, National Institute of Public Administration.


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