MARKS & SPENCER [M&S] has introduced vegetarian biryani wraps that have left people confused and angry.

Some top chefs have accused M&S of cultural appropriation in its new vegan sweet potato biryani wrap, claiming that the retailer is taking advantage of Pakistani food to make money while not providing authentic and traditional meal and many are calling for the product to be pulled from the shelves.

The Pound 2.80 vegan wrap - spelled ''biryani'' by M&S - is a meat free wrap made out of sweet potato, spiced basmati rice and buckwheat with roasted red peppers.

It was launched on December 28, 2018 as part of the M&S Plant Kitchen line.

While vegetarian biryani isn't entirely new, the concept of having it in a wrap definitely is. People have taken to social media to express their dismay at the new product.


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