Headline March 28, 2018/ '' 'MOTHERS' EXCRUCIATING *MEMORY' '


MY GREAT MOTHER - LADY ASHRAFAT JAN, feudal to the last drop of her blood. Ever fit as a fiddle, for sure walked thousands of steps every day, commanding an army of helpers, multi-tasking and cruising.

Never heard her whining or complaining. Never saw her tired. And always, like a computer  notification, seeking updates on a family, that was as large as her memory was formidable. Ma, scored a solid 100.

''Now, how are you up there in heavens, Ma? How is dad? Give them all. my very best wishes!. And from The World Students Society. And try getting some blessings for me and humanity, from the Great Lord.''

This should send the great humanitarian, to fits of laughter with an occasional nodding chuckle from my Great Father, Dr. Mohammed Akber Khan, Hashmi, Querishi.

My father, one Sterling, Fearless, Saint.

AS I BEGIN MY EXERCISE RUN, always accompanied by this great founder, Hussain, just about, a crowd forms and begins watching. 

The Chinese engineers, go all thumbs up. Beautiful Housewives stop, make way, and have their little  Angels wave. And many, many interrupt to shoot selfies with me.

For once, I feel like Zaheer Abbas, - just about the greatest and most stylish batsman the world has ever produced - going in to bat against the West Indies Mightiest Might.

Z, as he is lovingly called, like all batsmen, hated facing real fast bowling. But nobody could play fast bowling better than Zaheer Abbas.

Say and narrate all that to the O''Captain, Imran Khan, And you will find him nodding away, with a shy smile, that he always reserves for just such moments.

WITH EXERCISING in place, the scientists infused the brains of the animals bred to have dementia with a concentrated dose of Irisin. Those mice soon began to perform better on memory tests and show signs of improved synaptic health.

At the same time, they soaked the brains of  healthy animals with a substance that inhabits production of Irisn and then pumped in a form of beta amyloid, a protein that clumps together to form plaques in the brains of those with Alzheimer's.

In effect, they give the mice dementia. And, without any Irisin in their brains , the once healthy mice soon showed signs of worsening memory and poor function in the synapses between neurons in their hippocampus.

Finally, and perhaps most important, the scientists had a healthy mice work out, swimming for an hour almost every day for five weeks. Beforehand, some of the animals also were treated with the substance that blocks Irisin production.

In the untreated animals, Irisin levels in the brain blossomed during the exercise training and later, after the animals  brains were exposed to beta amyloid, they seemed to fight off its effects, performing better on memory tests than sedentary control mice that likewise had been exposed.

But the animals that had been unable to create Irisin did not benefit much from exercise.

After exposure to beta amyloid, they performed about as poorly on memory tests as sedentary animals with beta amyloid, in their brains.

Taken as a whole, these experiments suggest that exercise maybe protect against dementia in part by triggering an increase in the amount of Irisin in the brain, said Ottavio Arancio, a professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University, who-

Who conducted the research along with two dozen colleagues from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Queen's University in Canada and other institutions.

But the experiments, although elaborate and multipronged, used mice, used mice and so cannot tell us if exercise and Irisin will work similarly in people, or how much and what type of  exercise might be best for brain health.

The scientists involved in the study hope soon to to test a pharmaceutical form of Irisin as a treatment for dementia in animals and eventually people, especially those who have lost the ability to exercise, Dr. Arancio said.

But for now, he said the overarching lesson of the study would seem to be that ''if you can, go for a walk.

With respectful dedication to all the Grandparents who have passed away, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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