Headline March 20, 2018/ '' 'WAKE 'ECO-STUDENTS' WAND' ''


RIGHT HERE, right now, PROUD PAKISTAN demands of UNEA to withdraw ''Champion of Earth'' award from Prime Minister Narendra Modi

'A dossier has been submitted to the United Nations Environment Assembly, [UNEA's] 4th session  held in Nairobi, on the directives of O''Captain, Prime Minister Imran Khan'.

Malik Amin Aslam, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change maintained that ''India's act of  damaging trees in the name of strike has caused eco-terrorism. India will have to pay the price for damages made to trees,'' the adviser said.

''We want to enlighten the world about Pakistan's earnest determination for environment observation,'' the adviser ecplained.

And just a few thousand miles away, in Wellington/Sydney................... ''No Planet B'' Global Students demo for climate kicks off.

Thousands of young students marched through the cities in Asia, kicking off a global day of students protests that aims to spark world leaders into action on climate change.

'' Green Political Hero Activists " : 

The worldwide protests were inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thumberg, who camped out in front of the parliament in Stockholm last year to demand action from world leaders on global warming.

''We are only seeing the beginning,'' tweeted Thumberg, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her activism.

''I think that change is on the horizon and the people will stand up for their future.'' However, they attracted a mixed reactions from politicians.

In Australia, Education Minister Dan Tehan questioned whether the protests truly represented a  grassroot movement.

''Students leaving school during school hours to protest is not something that we should encourage,'' he told public radio. ''Especially when they are being encouraged to do so by green political activists.''

His comments came as a report showed Australia's annual carbon emission had reached record levels, raising questions about whether it will meet targets agreed under the  2015 Paris climate agreement.

But the budding activists received encouragement from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who said it was important for the young generation to send a message.

''We hear you and we're getting on with setting a path for carbon neutrality,'' the 38 year-old leader said in a statement.

''Please keep bringing as many people as you can with you because we simply won't achieve our goal alone.''

'Slacktivists' : Wellington university student Josie Mason, 20, said she was ''excited by the fact that youth are being heard and are making a stand right now..

They call our generation the ''slactivists'' because its really easy you're going to an event on a  Facebook page or like something but not really do anything,'' she said.

Despite 30 years of warnings about dire impacts, carbon dioxide emissions hit record levels in 2017 and again last year.

Loading the atmosphere with greenhouse gases at current rates, scientists agree, will eventually lead to an uninhabitable planet.

''On climate change, we have to acknowledge that we have failed,'' Thumberg told the global elite in Davos in January.

The Paris treaty calls for capping global warming at ''well below'' two degrees Celsius [ 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit ]

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