Headline March 11, 2018/ '' 'MICRO WAR WITHIN' ''


STRANGELY IN THE COURSE human history, civilisation began with the development of walled cities. Honorific jobs were associated with  power rather than skills.

Ironically, the stone and iron age share widely as eras of barbarism, but what the civilisation has done to humanity, it is not much to be proud of in terms of intolerance and disrespect.

Wars were celebrated, torture was the norms for prisoners of war and loot was plundered with impunity. Such an ideology has not changed much over the centuries.

Be it W.W.1 or W.W.2 others, nationalism had a profound impact to raise commoners for political mileage. Nationalism, like patriotism, is often manipulated but only a generation that witnesses the horrors of wars can distinguish manipulation from patriotism.

Across the Pakistan's border, our neighbor is also promoting war in the garb of nationalism.

Unfortunately, being a country fighting an imposed war has given us nothing but misery. The state has witnessed enough trauma to push for the cause of peace. In the same manner, I hope that we would be able to challenge manipulations masquerading in the form of nationalism.

The power struggle between states remind us the horrors of the past through historical context. But what about the micro wars we face on regular basis owing to lack of communication?

Do we ever try to get down from our self-created pedestals and try to listen, see and hear across the board, undoing our own prejudices and stop being full of ourselves?

Whether it's a classroom, a home, community, or professional organisation?............These micro wars kill creativity and result in dejection. Elements of jealous and needless judgments become the most cause of resentments.

But unfortunately, the micro wars take place within our own homogeneous groups are neither discussed, brain stormed or talked about. Claims are high but the contrast between them and our practices are too wide.

Who will question and how? Till the moment we don't introspect, we won't realize the bigger picture. I had witnessed relationships dying because just because of the lack of acceptance for diversity.

Manipulations in terms of gender roles, societal expectations and dogma are endless. How come we judge everyone with the same yardstick?

I am not much of Hegel [German Philosopher] but has absolute idealism's inspirational. Our world is defined by our own reflection of mind.

A little soul searching is required so we can stop fighting those unwanted micro war. Our thought and consciousness are defining the shape of experiences then we need to work on that too, as the worst form of aggression is not just invading the borders and killing people, but the freedom of ideas.

How many young girls just succumbed to pre-determined societal expectations? Countless, perhaps. The idea of being a caring and nurturing mother is not a matter of practicing  and emotional bonding rather a question of judgment.

If some strong soul bypasses these rules than all kind of opposition will be there, as the convenience of subservience is enormous. Many of my students tend to be victim of this situation rather in charge.

That's a misfortune of many others. Emotional suffocation and harsh disciplinary measures are inter-linked.

We behaved with such sanity and became a source of pride by condemning war on a national scale since we have witnessed its horrors. In the same manner, we need to wage against these micro wars that have suffocated the people around us.

The gentle coaxing, acknowledgements is so much important for the peace of mind.

The soul needs more place than the body, so we must let it grow otherwise many unforeseen circumstances will be on our hands. Let peace prevail not only on the borders but within us as well.

Many thanks from The World Students Society for the author and researcher, Professor Syeda Nabiha Shahram.

With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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