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FROM THE HOLY QURAN : ''Blessed are the peace makers!''..........

IN UNVARNISHED TRUTH, the only way forward for India and Pakistan is to get together, and address the terrorism issues and its root causes.

FOR the sake of the people, the region, the world, and humanity, Peace must be reinvented, even from a scratch. Prime Minister Modi is a wise and sagacious leader, he shouldn't lose the bigger picture.

The World Students Society appeals to both the countries for restraint and deescalation and dialogue. Prime Minster Narendra Modi should transcend the horrible tragedies and seek a future for the entire region.

So, time enough to make new medicines with just a spoonful of Artificial Intelligence.

IN THE SPRING OF 2016........

After making headlines with A.I. systems that played complex games like - The ancient board game Go, DeepMind researchers were looking for new challenges.

So they held a ''hackathon'' in company headquarters in London.

Working with two other computer scientists, the DeepMind researchers Rich Evans honed in on protein folding. They found a game that simulated the scientific task.

They built a system that learned to play the game on its own, and the results were promising enough for DeepMind to greenlight a full-time research project.

The protein folding problem asks a straightforward question : Can you predict the physical structure of proteins - its shape in three dimensions?

If scientists can predict a protein's shape, they can better determine how other molecules will ''bind''  to it - attach to it, physically - and that is one way how drugs are developed.

A drug binds to particular proteins in your body and changes their behavior.

In the latest contest, DeepMind made these predictions using using ''neural networks'' complex mathematical systems that can learn tasks by analyzing vast amounts of data.

By analyzing thousands of proteins, a neural network can learn to predict the shape of others.

DeepMind's victory showed how the future of biochemical research will increasingly be driven by machines and the people who oversee these machines.

This kind of A,I. research benefits from enormous amounts of computing power, and DeepMind can lean on the massive computer data centers that underpin Google.

The lab also employs many of the world's top A.I. researchers, who know how to get the most out of this hardware.

''It allows us to be much more creative, to try many more ideas, often in parallel,'' said Demis Hassabis, the chief executive and co-founder of DeepMind, which Google acquired for a reported $650 million in 2014.

Universities and pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to match these resources.

But thanks to cloud computing services offered by Google and other tech giants, the price of computing power continues to drop.

Dr AIQuerishi urged the life sciences community, to shift more attention toward the kind of A.I. work practiced by DeepMind.

Some researchers are already moving in that direction.

Many start-ups like, Atomwise in San Francisco and Recursion in Salt Lake City, are using the same artificial intelligence techniques to accelerate other aspects of drug discovery.

Recursion, for instance, uses neural networks and other methods to analyze images of cells and learn how new drugs affect these cells.

But pharma companies are also beginning to explore these methods, sometimes in partnership with start-ups.

''Everyone is trending up this area,'' said Jeremy Jenkins, the head of data science for chemical biology and therapeutics at Novartis.

''It is like turning a big ship, and I think these methods will eventually scale to the size of our entire company.

With respectful dedication to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India and Prime Minister Imran Khan, ''O Captain'', Pakistan.

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