Tessa Thompson narrates short film ''Brave Girl Rising'' for International Women's Day.

Tessa Thompson, David Oyelowo and poet warren Shire have teamed up to to collaborate on the short film Brave Girl Rising, made by Girl Rising, the nonprofit behind the global campaign for  'girls' education and empowerment.

In honor of International Women's Day, the film follows 17-year-old Nasro, who has lived in the  Dadaab refugee camp age 7, as she pushes to continue her education and draws inspiration from the women in her life.

The organization says the film is about, ''how hope, love and friendship can propel on beyond even beyond the most bleak of circumstances.''

''We want to get people talking about the reality for refugee girls all over the globe, the barriers they face in securing basic human rights and the truly transformative power of education for girls living as refugees,'' said Christina Lowery, CEO of Girl Rising.

''We believe films like ours can turn bystanders into activists and we have seen first-hand the results of people who become engaged in the issue and are inspired to act.''

Shire, the poet behind Beyonce's Lemonade, wrote the script for the  20-minute-film from conversations she had with Nasro. The voice over is performed for Thompson while Oyelowo narrates the introduction to the piece.

''As a father to a beautiful daughter myself, I look for ways I can be effective rather than just angry about the injustices I see,'' Oyelowo said of his involvement in the project, adding:

''Behind each of the 17 million refugee girls around the world, there is a story like Nasro's that deserves to be told. ''Proud to lend my voice to this powerful film and campaign and raise awareness for this pressing issue.''

Girl Rising launched its global campaign in 2012 and has partners in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and its expanding to Kenya and Guatemala this year.

Girl Rising partnered with  International Rescue Committee, HP and Citi to create distribute Brave Girl Rising.

To coincide with the film's release, Girl Rising, IRC and Citi are teaming up with HP and Amplifier to launch a major campaign that will also include screening toolkits, curricula, take-action guides and a street art initiative [Courtesy The Hollywood Reporter].


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