SAN FRANCISCO : Seeking to rev up demand in the slumping smartphone market, Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a folding handset, becoming the the first major manufacturer to offer the feature.

The South Korean giant's Galaxy Fold, unveiled at a San Francisco event, serves as a smartphone with a 4-6 inch display and unfolds to become a tablet of 7.3 inches.

The Fold will be available April 26 starting at $1,980 the company said.

The move comes with the smartphone market in its worst-ever decline with consumers keeping longer and waiting for new innovations.

Samsung made the announcement on the home turf of rival Apple, with the two giants battling for the premium segment of the market.

Denson said the Fold is ''a one of a kind luxury device with immersive visuals'' and offers ''a truly next generation' experience'' that enables multitasking on its large screen.

The  tech giant said the Fold can open up to three active apps simultaneously.

Samsung also announced its new Galaxy's S10 handset, upgrading its current line of flagship handsets.

He said the Galaxy Fold was designed ''for those that  want to experience what a premium foldable device can do, beyond the limitations of a traditional smartphone.''

The  S10  handsets will offer improved color display with active matrix's organic light emitting    [AMOLED]    technology, improved battery life and upgraded cameras.  AFP.


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