IN Pakistan's economy, the role of private schools can never be ignored as they have provided jobs to tens of thousands of people. But, many private school owners exploit teachers by appointing them at meager salaries.

Teachers complain about their workload and meager salaries all the time, but there is no one to listen to their pleas. School owners do not appreciate the duties carried out by the teachers and look down upon them.

I have a friend who owns a private school. He bluntly says that if any teacher does not want to work,  he/she can quit. Recently, he fired a teacher just because he remained absent for a single day on account of his ill-health.

For the last couple of years, we have been continuously listening that the SC has ordered private schools to reduce their fees., but we have never heard that the higher authorities have directed private school owners to fix an appropriate salary for teachers.

Awarding a meager amount of salary to teachers is an outright exploitation.
These owners must not forget that the pillars of their schools are standing because of these teachers.

The government must chalk out a plan to ensure that all teachers are paid a decent amount of salary which can help them fulfill their fundamental needs.

The World Students Society will do its best and thanks Syed Badshah/ Buner for bringing this very important problem up.


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