Headline March 01, 2018/ '' 'GUN IDEOLOGY HOT' ''


JUST LOOK AT THE wretched poverty and misery all around this region and in Pakistan and in  India........

Just for a moment, relate to people's daily struggles to keep body and soul alive. These leaders don't seem to have an iota of any kind of care and shame.

Every single breath scorched, blighting everything from educational to economic opportunities, and even bare minimum survival.

I would have thought that the only option for both India and Pakistan would be 'clear nation building programs', reviving civil societies, resuscitating shattered lives and economies, providing source of income and building social and political structures.

Alas! The Will of Almighty God seems to prevail. Everything remains a distant and a very elusive dream

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THE word ideology is largely being used in social sciences, in politics and in mass media since the 20th century. Basically, ideology is an intricate rapport between human cognition and social conditions that gives it emergence at different junctures of history.

Scholars have developed two distinct approaches to study ideology:

The first is studies the idea on its own terms and the second approach stresses on the sociological environment and conditions, that are responsible for evolving content and forms of ideology.

It is because ideology becomes apparent only by proper abstraction. Juxtaposition and deduction of different relevant social entities.

Today a large population of the world is compelled to live with efficacy of ''High Theory'' that refers to various ideological clusters, that are urgent need of rethinking in material and linguistic terms.

Theodor Adorno mis-read Benjamin's allegorical style as merely discriptive, what Adorno said,:

''The mediation which I miss, and I find obscured by the materialistic-historio-graphic invocations is nothing other than theory, which your [Benjamin] study omits if one wished to put it drastically, one could say that.

Your study is drastically located at the crossroads of magic and positivism-that spot is bewitched-and  it is only theory that could break it'', Adorno demanded the return of theory but the impression is not clear.

The groups like AL-Qaeda and Daesh utilize a global religious language [theory ideology] to create an understanding of global politics that divides the world into:

Two-sections-on one hand, there is the world of Islam: a place of goodness, where religious laws are upheld and the Muslims are not oppressed.

On the other hand, there is the world off war, where Muslims are oppressed by tyrannical regimes.

To deal with this oppression, these groups have invented the high-theoretical concepts of ''near enemy'' - which means tyrannical national regimes in Muslim lands and -

''Far enemy'' refers to the global powers that support oppressive regimes across Muslim lands for their petty interest.

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