Headline February 16, 2018/ '' 'ALLAH'S ENVIRONMENTAL *ALAS!' ''


THE ECOSYSTEMS WILL continue to collapse, and one very dark day, in the very near future, it will just be, so very late.

The number one priority of governments around the world is the economy.

This is the sacred cow around which they tiptoe and to whom they make their reverential offerings in the hope of being blessed by limitless economic growth, no matter the environmental cost.

Where they exist at all, the government's policies to reduce GGE's are designed to and limited by the impact they will have on economic development, as such they remain totally inadequate.

Development takes place within the constructs of an unjust system that is dependent on constant consumption, encourages greed, produces huge quantities of waste, and is maintained by the relentless agitation of desire.

Those thoroughly negative elements work to the detriment of human beings and are the driving impulses behind behavior that has led to and is perpetuating the environmental crises.

The system demands that irresponsible consumption not only continues, but deepens and expands  into areas of the world hitherto relatively untouched by the poison, it-

It obstructs environmentally responsible policies and lacks the flexibility requires to face the challenges, certainly within the time-scale needed if the planet is to be restored to health.

Given these facts, the only sane and rationale solution is to change the system to one that allows for an urgent meaningful response :

A sustainable and just system based on altogether different principles and reasons for being Neo-liberalism is not a living organism without alternatives, as some devotees of mammon would have us believe.

It is a man-made structure and can therefore be redesigned to meet the urgent social and environmental needs of the time.

Systemic change and shift in the government policy will not just happen by themselves, it is up to all of us to demand that the environment becomes the number one priority for governments across the world.

At the same time, we all need to examine how we how we live and ensure that we do so in a way that is determined, first and foremost by environmental considerations - not -

Not by pleasure, conventions and comfort, as is often the case, but by love for living in an environmentally responsible way is an act of love.

The decisions that we make today and in the coming years will effect life on Earth for thousands of years to come.

Sacrifices and the of habits are required and within the spirit of collective individual responsibility these should be gladly accepted.

Every political, business lifestyle decision needs to be taken with an understanding of how it affects the environment, and a single question posed 'will this action add to or reduce GGE's?

If it will increase them, then don't do it.

Complacency, apathy and hypocrisy coalesce to form the most noxious cause of climate change and environmental vandalism, and until this Trinity of Destruction is overcome, and the crisis is taken seriously by the political class, corporations and the public at large-

Nothing substantive will take place; and unless fundamental change occurs, and urgently, life on Earth will become increasingly uncomfortable, ecosystems will continue to collapse-

And one dark day in the very near future, it will be just too late. 

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Graham Peebles : ''Complacency and the Environmental catastrophe''.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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