Headline February 15, 2018/ '' 'O' MANKIND' ''

'' 'O' MANKIND' ''

RESTORING THE PLANET to health is the major need of the time; together with a shift in lifestyles, this requires economic systemic change and a reorientation of political priorities.

Knowing there is an environmental crisis claiming to be concerned but doing little or nothing is pure hypocrisy.

To their utter shame the vast majority of politicians are nothing but environmental hypocrites; weak and devoid of vision, they constitute the very embodiment of complacency, they are indebted to big business and -

And have repeatedly shown that they cannot be relied on to initiate the the radical policies needed to keep fossil fuels in the ground and repair the environmental carnage mankind has caused .

The number one priority of governments around the world is ''the economy''.

This is the sacred cow which they tiptoe and to who they make their reverential offerings in the hope of being blessed by limitless economic growth, no matter the environmental cost.

Where they exist at all, Government policies to reduce GCE's are designed and limited by the impact they will have on economic development; as such they remain totally inadequate.

Developments take place within the constructs of the unjust system that is dependent on constant consumption, encourages greed, produces huge quantities of waste, and is maintained by the relentless agitation of desire.

These thoroughly negative elements work to the detriment of human beings and are the driving impulses behind behavior that has led to and is perpetuating the environmental crisis.

The system demands that irresponsible consumption not only continues, but deepens and expand into areas of the world hitherto relatively untouched by its poison.

It obstructs environmentally responsible policies and lacks the flexibility required to face the challenges, certainly within the time scale needed if the planet is to be restored to health.

Given these facts, the only sane rationale solution is to change the system to one that allows for an urgent meaningful response.

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