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SO MIRED IS PROUD PAKISTAN in its turn around struggles that tactics masquerade as strategy and strategy un-shines resurgence.

'The World, - Dearest Country, is passing you by,' as great Zilli, the Head of Global Research, on The World Students Society, never fails to remind me. at times on daily basis.

Zilli, obviously expects, some insights and response from me, based on my life long work of understanding modular governance models, management and structures when reconciling the 'total optima'.

The leaders of Proud Pakistan ought to understand the 'psychology of the intangibles'. In great survival turn around, what truly gets a country's population inclusive is ones mastery in executing 'real optics', as you feel your 'solid problem' through, and devise long term objectives.

*Barring that, ''O''Captain, you compound, and simply set about the country direction 'building on sand'*

The World Students Society stops to give a standing ovation to last Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar. He gave his best example and it was nobly done.

BEARING more children than available resources is not just the problem of any given family, as it damn well affects the nation as a whole. And in no time whatsoever.

The overall quality of life is getting worse by day. We're eating unhygienic food, drinking polluted water, living in shabby houses and fighting with unbridled diseases like cancer, hepatitis and diabetes.

''May Almighty, God, reserve the worst place in Hell, for the leaders of many pasts.' Joining me in these prayers are the Founders and Students of the world.

Due to economic constraints, many families are unable to let their children seek education because they need more helping hands

The sound of population explosion reverberates. During the 1990s, experts started to forecast the population-driven crises that we are facing today, but, unfortunately, our governments, healthcare professionals, media and clergy paid no attention on that.

Instead of sitting together and working on any containment approach, different segments of the society unleashed a vehement propaganda against each other, terming the population control as an nonreligious and westernised approach.

Resultantly, the balloon kept expanding until at the brink of explosion. As per unofficial figures, have soured and soared, up to 253 million.

In December 2018, Chief Justice of Pakistan, took up the cause and called a national conference on population control. All segments of the society were engaged in the discourse and a declaration was issued, sensitizing people to limit the number of childbirths.

According to the experts, the change is not likely to occur until the government implements the declaration in form of a law on the model of China.

More population means more food, more educational and healthcare facilities, more houses and more roads. This eventually leads towards unprecedented exploitation of resources. The consequences are starting to become obvious.

Urbanisation is on the rise with a few-big cities getting bigger at the cost of quality of life, water is becoming scarce, agricultural lands are turning into housing societies, hospitals are overburdened with patients and roads are hiked with traffic mess.

The quality if life is getting worse day by day. We are eating unhygienic food and inorganic food, and drinking polluted water, living in shabby houses and fighting with unbridled diseases, like cancer, hepatitis and diabetes.

We are producing generations of illiterates who will be a hopeless liability on the nation instead of being an asset.

We seriously and urgently need to control the population growth. The healthcare professionals must spread awareness about the use of contraceptives. The clergy should come forward for this cause.

This is the time to think and rethink and plan for our future generations and for the future, that it totally at stake.

Regardless of ideological, religious and political differences, all should come and sit together, make a law and implement it strictly.

The outgoing Chief Justice in has last address, clearly said that there could be no way of controlling the population growth until 2-child policy was imposed.

He also argued that population, thus far, was at the top of all and every problem, being faced by Pakistan.

Come what may, we need to develop a national discourse on this very, very soon.

There is no denying the fact that if we mange to control our population for next 20 years, we will be able to accomplish most of our developmental goals.

Once the basic issues are addressed and key pain areas are cured, the country will swivel on the track of sustainable and beautiful growth.

Today is the time, we should choose between more children and quality of existence and life. We need to understand the fact that providing quality life to 2 children is far better than bearing 5 kids and making them starve for food and healthcare and education.

In Proud Pakistan's context, this will be a hard choice for most of the families but that is the only chance of survival and progress for Pakistan
With respectful dedication to O''Captain, Imran Khan, His Excellency, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and all its leaders, and then author and researcher Omer Aftab, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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