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The state can gather more information, more easily, than ever before. Do not under estimate the risks:

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Vigilance and transparency must be the watchwords. They may enhance the technology's effectiveness : the routine wearing of bodycams by police, for instance, appears to reduce public complaints.

Consultation matters, too.

A bill recently proposed in California would compel police agencies to disclose what surveillance gear they have, publish data on its use and seek public input before buying any more.

Police rightly watches citizens to keep them safe. Citizens must watch the police to keep them Free.

When East Germany collapsed in 1989, people marvelled at the store of information the Stasi  security service had garnered on them, and the vast network of informants it took to compile it.

And with that many, many thanks to The Economist.

A Billion reasons to use Wechat while in China, as I return to so unique an observation and thinking of Li-Yuan, a technology columnist in Hong Kong.

WHAT ARE SOME hot news apps or Internet services in China?

The hottest app is a short video service, Douyin, which is called TikTok OUTSIDE China. As my colleague Kevin Roose aptly put in recent column:

''It's a quirky hybrid of Snapchat, the defunct video app Vine and the TV segment ''Carpool Karaoke.''

To be honest, I'm too old for app - Douyin targets urban teenagers and 20-somethings - and have not spent much time on it.

But I've seen some viral Douyan videos on Weibo and WeChat that are fun and goofy.

The short video app that I check out from time to time is Douyin's rival, Kwai. Kwai is popular in small towns and the and the countryside. You can watch young people chasing geese and getting married in white gowns in front of mud houses.

I call Kwai the ''Hillbilly Elegy'' of China. It's where you can gate a flavor of what China is like outside the biggest coastal cities.

Outside of work, which tech product are you into right now?

I'm a very low-tech person!

While my iPhone feels like an extension of my left arm, I don't use many other electronics.

I didn't own a TV until a year ago and only watch Netflix sometimes. I bought a microwave this year, and it's the simplest model because I knew I would use it only to reheat food.

My biggest tech wish is for Google, Facebook, Apple, or another company to build technology that can breach and break the Great Firewall, the system of filters and blocks, that prevents Chinese from visiting thousands of foreign websites.

Instead of kowtowing to the Chinese government's demands in order to gain access to the market, American tech giants could do something heroic :

Liberate 100s, hundreds of millions of people from the ever growing ''information darkness''.

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