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This very Saturday, in the company of this ''clinical psychology'' PhD,... Dr. Seema Ahmad, a member of The World Students Society, technologist Hussain Ali, explained the mysteries and marvels of the *Democratic Portal and Voting System app*, that he is working on, brick by brick,  layers.

''For the 'Walk-Throughs', I advised, Hussain, ''Get the darned two levels Flow Charted : The Highest and The First. And then get Rabo and her team, and the whole world to see the Taj Mahal, in the making. 
''Merium, Dee, Zilli, Salar/US, Faraz, Ali, Bilal/US, Aqsa, Seher Khan/ King's College,UK, Jordan/US, Dr. Mustansir Tanoli/Milan, MIT, will join my team to get inside the app, break it up and understand it bolt by bolt.

And So, there, for All The Grace of Almighty God, goes The World Students Society, for every subject in the world.

''I SPEND ABOUT ONE-THIRD of my daily nine-hour phone time on WeChat,'' said Li Yuan, a  *technology columnist* in Hing Kong:

There are a billion WeChat accounts in China. 

How do New York Times journalists use technology in their jobs and in their personal lives? Li Yuon, a technology columnist in Hong Kong, discussed the tech she's using.

'You write about Chinese tech. What tech do you rely on to do your job, and what do you like about them?

IT'S not an exaggeration to say I live in and work on WeChat, the messaging app that's the equivalent of WhatsApp plus Facebook plus PayPal plus Uber plus GrubHub plus many other things.

As my iPhone battery use record shows, I spend about one-third of my daily nine-hour phone time on WeChat. That doesn't include the two to three hours I use WeChat's web version.

I'm not alone in my heavy WeChat use. There are 800 million internet users in China, but over one billion WeChat accounts. Just about every Chinese online has at least one account, and some more than one.

Over one-third of them spend four hours or more on the app each day. The prevalence has made  WeChat an indispensable part of many people's lives and work.

Two years ago, I met two people who refused to use WeChat and I thought about writing a story about how people use  them to navigate work and life.

Before I got around to it, both became my WeChat friends.

So as a journalist, I have to hangout on WeChat.

I message and call my sources on WeChat. I keep an eye on WeChat Moment, which is similar to Facebook Timeline, and group chats so I'll always be on top of what's going on in China.

When others pretend they are too busy to get back to me, I comment on their Moment posts and group chats to tell them that I know they aren't so busy.

By now readers must be screaming : ''How about the censorship and government surveillance on WeChat?''

Sadly, it's just the way of life in China. I'm not trying to make light of the issue. I've been very critical of how the tech companies work with the government to censor and monitor the Chinese public.

But the reality is that ordinary Chinese often feel powerless and fatalistic when it comes to censorship and surveillance.

I've tried to persuade people to get on encrypted messaging apps such as Signal and WhatsApp but haven't had much success.

I also use Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of  Twitter. I used to be an an active Weibo user and still have a few million followers there.

But after the government crackdown on Weibo a few years ago and shut down many of the most  provocative and influential accounts -

I don't use it too often because the conversations are often dominated by celebrity news instead of discussions on current affairs. 

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Global Operational Research on Technology continues. The World Students Society stops to thank and honor The New York Times.

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