Headline February 03, 2018/ '' 'EMAILS -EERIE- ENMESH' ''


IT IS POSSIBLE THAT I will answer your email later, in a few hours, or in a few years, maybe when I am 57 or 77, and I will be so happy to have your email.

WE MOVED ON to the children's math grades, and then to the way they just take their socks off and leave them, inside out, no matter what and where they are.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was not as early as I'd thought, for a lot of things, so we turned off the light, and I did not answer your email.

YOUR EMAIL SAT among emails from bosses and editors and orthodontists all through the next workday.

My children were at school, and I had not yet manged to write 300 words none more times.

I though about answering your email in the afternoon, while my older daughter and I waited outside the school for her sister to finish a piano lesson.

My daughter would probably not have minded.

She is almost 13, and sometimes, when she sits in the house texting while I try to talk to her, I squirt her with the bottle I keep on the counter to spray the cats when they start scratching the back of the sofa.

 I could have answered your email then. I admit it.

We could have sat there, in peaceful silence, each staring at our phone. I had time to answer your email, and I did not.

I snuggled my youngest son at bedtime that night, because he asked. I snuggled him even though your email was calling, and some part of me wanted to pull away from the tedium of bedtime and reply.

Replying would have felt fresh and new, while bedtime felt old and stale, although it has grown far less demanding of late, with no more reading out loud and no more splashing baths, many of which-

I spent answering emails, which was fine, because there were so many bedtimes and so many baths, so very, very many of them, until suddenly there weren't, although there were a still a lot of emails.

I would like to say I snuggled my son and did not give your email one single thought, but that would not be true, and it would also be rude, even though it is a state of mind to which many of us aspire.

Instead, I hovered somewhere between mindful presence in the bedtime moment and awareness of your email and many others.

I spend a lot of time in that gap, sometimes drafting mental responses to emails, which I am later surprised and dismayed to find I have not actually spent.

It is possible that I will answer your email letter, in a few hours or in a few years, maybe when I am 57, and I will be so happy to have your email.

We will trade words, and those words will again seem so real to me, a whole world in my laptop, where I live, sometimes, because there is so much that is seductive in there, where time moves so fast and yet never moves at all.

I will take my laptop outside and I will sit among the trees, listening for the voices of children who are no longer home, and I will answer your email.

It is possible that I will not - that I, in fact, will never answer answer your email.

If that is the case, if the people and the places and the things around me still press upon me with more urgency than your email and so many others, I hope that you will forgive me.

I have already forgiven myself.

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