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A most loving and respectful dedication and ovation to all the Mothers of the Great Lords's World.

With very special dedication to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's mother and to the memory of The Captain's - the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan's mother.

The World Students society avails itself of the greatest of honors and invites all Mothers to register and join up. See Ya all Ladies on The World Students Society - for every subject in the world

WHY I DIDN'T answer your email.............

IT IS VERY POSSIBLE that I will answer your email later, in a few hours or in a few years, maybe when I am 57, and I will be so so very happy to receive your email.

Was there, I inquired, perchance another letter, detailing Jeremiah's miraculous recovery?

''No,'' my daughter said. ''He got shot in the stomach, and that always kills you, because you can't remove a stomach.''

During this conversation, I did not answer your email.

I think I would have answered your email if you had sent it earlier, by which I mean several years earlier, when these children were smaller and their conversation more repetitive.

I would have hidden in my office, a younger, more driven me, instead of sitting, as I often do now, in the middle of the house, an invitation to interruption. I would have put the contrast between Jeremiah and Johnny out of my mind and focused on the screen.

Instead, after a lengthy discourse on dismembering delivered in the still piping voice of my delicate fairy of a child, I found that I needed to go outside and walk aimlessly down driveway and then, filled with purpose, to the mailbox.

I also had to make dinner.

I almost answered your email later, after bedtime, which is when I have often answered emails. My laptop was perched on the my bedside table.

My husband was perched on his side of the bed, and he leaned back and asked me if I'd given any thoughts to whether the chicken need to be kept away from the apple trees after he sprayed them with something to keep the bugs away.

We moved on to the children math grades, then to the way they just take their socks off and leave them inside out no matter where they are.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was not as early as I'd thought, not for a lot of things and so we turned off the light, and I did not answer your email.

Your email sat among emails from bosses and editors and orthodontists all through the next workday.

My children were at school, and I had not yet managed to write 300 words nine more times, I though about answering to your email in the afternoon, while my older daughter and I waited outside the school for her sister to finish piano lessons.

My daughter probably would not have minded. She is almost 13, and sometimes, when she sits in the house texting while I try to talk to her.

I squirt her with the bottle I keep on the counter to spray the cats when they start scratching the back of the sofa.

I could have answered your email then. I admit it.

We could have sat there, in peaceful silence, eacg staring at our phone, I had time to answer your email, and I did not.

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Good Night and God Bless

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