AFTER the breakup of the mighty Union of Soviet Socialist Republic [USSR] on December 26, 1991, politics of the left suffered a serious setback.

Centrist parties emerged with flavors of both left and right. Instead of ideology, focus shifted on economic growth, Privatization, Globalization, de-regulation became the buzz words.

Free market approach was adopted worldwide. While the global economic order is in a big mess today as humanity stands divided between have and have-nots.

Only People's republic of China has been able to mange the course of human development.

Last year I had a chance to interact with the Russian Ambassador. On my straight question : I got an honest answer as follows:

 ''Today the country is moving towards capitalism;'' 'Socialism has been left behind. While the comrades still gather at the red Square in Moscow to celebrate the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917, the government of Vladimir Putin is moving in the opposite direction.''

The right wing onslaughts of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher forced the progressive forces to move towards the center but it did not help.

The retrogressive elements became stronger as they as they faced little resistance. Instead of  marginally right or left-of-center the political pendulum has now swung in the in the extreme right direction.

The era of centrist politics is coming to an end, negative ideologies are back.

There were several upheavals in the 20th century. Three major revolutions and  two world wars took a heavy toll of human lives, the struggle eventually resulted in equitable distribution of wealth.

Welfare of the masses became the focus of many advanced nations. In March 1969, Pakistan came close to a revolution when the first dictator was toppled.

Charles De Gaulle barely survived in France. So far the 21st century remains barren despite skewed distribution of wealth and resources together with the resulting human miseries.

Extreme right wing nationalist parties are gaining grounds in the West.

With deregulated economies this can prove to lethal. Socialists are in disarray,. While poverty is on the rise worldwide, the rich are getting richer by the day.

Human sufferings are widespread. Homelessness has become rampant even in the developed world.

The government of The Captain, Imran Khan, has decided to build shelters to place a roof of their head, which is one great move.

Nordic welfare states provide hope for mankind. China has emerged as true People's Republic.

The honor and serving of the latest Operational Research on Ideologies, Welfare and History, continues.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Dr. Farid A. Malik, Ex-Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation.


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