LONDON : Black-Eyed Peas musician Will.i.am said that people have a better chance to become stars on Instagram than reality TV. ''Look at The Voice as Glastonbury.

Everyone gets the chance to be on the UK's biggest stage,'' he told Newsbeat. ''If you look at it from that perspective, it's awesome.'' ''If you're looking at it from the perspective that it's going to turn you into star - Instagram is.'' he then added in contrast.

''That has a better chance of turning you into a star than a reality show.'' Will.i.am made these comments ahead of the new series of 'The Voice', of which he is one of the celebrity judges.

He also declared that Instagram - or 'the feed' as he calls it - has 'turned the world inside out' when it comes to the kind of competition facing record companies, reality TV shows and streaming services in 2019.

''That's what turned the world upside down, inside out,'' the 43-year-old said. ''It's not this show versus that show. BBC versus ITV, reality show versus the record companies.

''The Feed. That is what we are all dealing with. How do you handle this feed?'' [Agencies]


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