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The Davos meeting reportedly faced an existential threat in the early 2000s after sustained protests stretched the patience of the local community.

In response, Schwab opened the meeting to more civil society groups while widening media access to an event that previously been mostly held behind closed doors.

That move was not ''voluntary'', said Christian Dorer, the editor-in-chief of Swiss media group Blick, who recently had rare access to Schwab for a profile.

Scwab ''realised he had to, otherwise the Forum would be dead,'' Dorer said, also saying that the WEF founder had changed over the years.

''He was really not attached to the business world, and now he is much more open,'' Sorbom said her research showed an organisation that tolerated some dissent to a point.

''You can voice criticism, but if you are too critical, then you are out, unless you are Bono,'' she said.

Mock said that if the principle of multi-stakeholder engagement is ''not one you can sign up to, then the Forum is not the best platform for your engagement''

MIXING hard-nosed business and the pursuit of emotional contentment is not to everyone's taste.

Alan Roumihac, head of Manpower France, baulks at the mention of companies who are appointing  ''Chief Happiness Officers''.

''In a company, we must help people to resist pressure.'' he said, warning that such new positions, which first popped up in Silicone Valley, should not become a gimmick.

''Happiness is a private affair,'' he told AFP.

Instead of offering Yoga classes, he said companies should provide concrete measures to avoid  ''burnout'', including allowing employees a flexible work schedule and helping them ''find a meaning of what they do''.

Psychologist Edgar Cabanas and sociologist Eva IIIouz say the appeal of conferences aimed at helping business executives find personal fulfillment came as no surprise.

''The business and financial elite is vastly interested in happiness as it has turned into a global, powerful and very lucrative industry, which generates billions of dollars in benefits each year,'' they told AFP in a joint email.

''The market plays today a very decisive role in the way people understand their own happiness,'' asked the author of the book ''Happycracy. How the science of Happiness Controls our Lives.''

Happiness ''easily exploited'' : People are encouraged to be autonomous, optimistic, and flexible, to engage in risk-taking behaviours, and to be resilient in order to -

To personally and emotionally deal with all the contingencies, that derive from very precious, competitive and unstable working and economic conditions,'' they said.,

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