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O ''CAPTAIN IMRAN KHAN, - the Prime Minister of Proud Pakistan-.......

Your Excellency, Esteemed Prime Minister, Sir, just so with equanimity and grace, I have the honor to address you on behalf of the Great Students of the World : :

Kindly consider allotting over 1250 acres of land for The Students of Whole World, where they can ever so regularly meet, to help determine, how best to build a great world for the future generations.

''I leave you to the remaining thoughts, for Your Excellency, to consider as soon as you conveniently, and - possible can.''

The World Students Society conveys to you, the assurances of our esteemed respects, prayers and support for every success..

And very lastly, Sir, I have the honor to nominate : MPA Qazi Ahmed Akber Khan, Lawrence College, NUST, MS/UK International Law, to keep you directly informed and help with total coordination and Reconcile ''The Total Optima''. .

Now, that in best and true form is what Democracy is totally all about Democracy is the true offspring of democratic thinking and values.

''Democracy must be built through open societies that share information. When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions.

When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption subjugation and indignation.

Davos, like The World Students Society, is helping make the world better.
GENEVA : Klaus Schwab, who founded the World Economic Forum [WEF] has said his childhood during World War II inspired him to build an organisation that would make the world a better place.

His foundation, which hosts many of the world's most powerful, famous and wealthy people at its annual meeting in the Swiss ski resort of Davos has clearly made an impact.

But questions have grown about whether the organization is meeting its declared goal of ''improving the state of the world'', with resentment rising against the pro-business Davos agenda, and voters turning instead to populist leaders.

One persistent criticism is that WEF meetings, including this week's main annual gathering in Davos, have simply created a safe space for the corporate world to lobby governments without oversight.

Schwab was not available for an interview but the WEF's managing director, Adrian Monck, said in an email that the organisation ''subscribes to the highest standards of governance''.

Schwabm born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938, was a little-known professor at the University of Geneva, when in 1971 he founded the WEF's precursor, the European Mangement Forum.

He later broadened the conclave by inviting US business leaders, assembling a prestigious Rolodex as he turned the gathering into a showcase for networking and exchange of ideas.

In a 2018 book, two Stockholm University professors chronicled the WEF's evolution, as over time politicians joined the business executives in Davos to give the forum the air of a United Nations, with a few celebrities thrown in.

''Against the backdrop of what is perceived for malfunctioning global governance institutions and stalled international policymaking, the WEF presents itself as offering an alternative,'' Christina Garsten and Adrienne Sorbon writes in ''Discreet Power : How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas.''

The Honor and Serving of the Latest Operational Research on The World Students Society, Operations and Plans, and Great Global Elections continues.

With respectful dedication to the Global Leaders, and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, Students, Professors and Teachers.

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