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The Global Effort for ''Great Global Elections'' must be lead by this great Nation and the Great Students of America, and it must be abstracted, conceived, and executed, by this human of the highest class, integrity and character, Professor Dr. Lawyer M Jawad Khan, University of California.

ENEMIES ARE CREATION of our mind, either for sustaining the identities of our nations or demonstrating our imagined superiority.

Human bonds or relations can be classified into three main categories. One, the bonds of love among the people that make them sacrifice their egos for the loved ones.

Two, relations of enmity which grow when the ego of people, is hurt. Three relations of sympathy, which is an expression of an in-between emotion based on mutual susceptibility.

While former two exhibit extremes of emotions, bonds of love, enmity and sympathy take distinct form those ones that we see among nations, communities and institutions.

Nations and communities form basic narrative that set the rules, standards and even reasons to build relations including relation of enmity with their counterparts.

The idea of enemy doesn't come naturally, unless nations have the notion of others nations as 'their Others'. For example, a strong belief in being superior on the basis of caste, color, language, culture or religion can create the Others.

According to Umberto Eco this idea of Otherness is the paramount for creating the enemies. The world enemy has roots in Latin inimicus, first used in the 13 century, meaning the individual or group deemed to be threatening.

However, it needs to be stressed that the Others aren't always considered as the enemies unless they are reasoned as the potential threat to the authority or narrative of one community or state.

Uberto Eco has interpreted this idea of enemy as lying behind the identity of the nations. As he says :

''Having an enemy is important not only to define our identity but also to provide us with an obstacle against which to measure our system of values and, in seeking our own worth. So, when there is no enemy, we have to invent one.''

This can be understood by quoting the example of the United States who was at the verge of losing its identity after the cold war. But thanks to Osama bib Laden who helped them sustain their identity after 9/11.

It is true that enemies are invented. Differences play vital role in this respect but not necessarily all the time.

For example in our textbooks India is portrayed as our enemy because of the basic national narrative that is based mainly on religion.

But on the other side, China, who is also a non-Muslim country is considered Pakistan's most reliable friend.

It can be inferred that religious differences cannot be taken all the time as the raison d'etre of inventing enemy. It is the politics of the elites of state that infects this hatred in the minds of citizens.

The conception of national identity based on religious differences is purposefully formed, which in turn keeps glorifying the identities of nations.

Nations do disseminate a well-knit narrative and ideology against other nations or states in a bid to demean latter's image.

We find imagery related to inventing enemy in politics and literature alike.

The Honor and Serving of the latest thinking and writings on Nation States and Enemies, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher and student Usama Ali.

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