Headline January 12, 2018/ '' 'PITYING GAMING POVERTY' ''


''MERIUM -RABO- ZILLI- DEE- Haleema and  Hanyia,'' where the hell is The World Students Society's, and ours too, begging garb and bowl? 

THE WORLD MOANS OF DISCONTENT AND wretched utter poverty, no matter, no matter which way you turn and look.

AFRICA, JUST ABOUT the whole rim, central and all, and Asia, and south east and all, and Far East, just about all, and then Latin America, or maybe South America, and maybe the former Communist blocks and hubs.........

The truth is that the international stature, of just about every region that I have mentioned above, is being reduced to size just so commensurate with irrelevance. 

''Now, do we have some kind of a plan, as to how to go about begging a future : Hussain, Shahzaib, Salar, Faraz, Haider, Awais Khattak, Ali, Wajahat, Bilal, Jordan, Vishnu?

''Will the developing world ever break the begging bowl, periodically unpacked as if it were some precious family heirloom.'' Soon, very soon, there will be another vicious future of survival and discontent.........

So exacerbated by another sort of  global warming. According to historian Robert Darnton, there is  ''a climate change in politics'' in which ''bigotry, bullying, mendacity, vulgarity.... will damage the atmosphere of pubic life.

The protective layer of civility, which makes discourse possible, is disappearing like the ozone the Earth.''

''The UK was a world leader in social security after World War II, it was a world leader on privatization on a large scale and and it is a world leader right now on self-imposed austerity.''

And while unemployment has more than halved under the Conservatives, wages have stagnated and the number of working families in poverty has risen.

Yet, poverty is a complex and contested subjected in Britain, where there are several contrasting measures of deprivation, and some observers were skeptical about the necessity of Mr. Philip Aston's visit.

Special rapporteurs for extreme poverty are mandated to visit and investigate countries with high levels of deprivation and then report their findings to the United Nations.

Since 2010, the government has set in motion more than $39 billion of cuts, freezing or reducing welfare payments and housing subsidies for families and disabled people and cutting back youth and and children's services as well as funding for local authorities.

Bungled technical reforms have also delayed payments to struggling families and, forcing thousand into unnecessary debt and rent arrears.

To understand the nature of extreme poverty in Britain, Mr. Philip Aston traveled across town to the central library, and hurried into another round-table discussion.

At the discussion was Thushara Chandrasiri, 35, who started receiving benefits in 2011 because of a disabled right arm.

But this year, the government reassessed Mr. Chandrasiri and said his disability was not as serious as they had previously judged, cutting his monthly welfare payments by just over $500.

A case worker said ''he should be used to it by now,'' Mr. Chandrasiri remembered being told. ''You've got a left hand as well.''

Next to him sat  Tracey Whitenstall, 41, a single parent of three, whose life was upended when her family was transferred to the welfare system. Because of an administrative error, the family's payments were delayed by 10 weeks, shoving them into debt.

For several weeks, Ms. Whitenstall's teenage son had to stop attending school because she could no longer afford his bus fare.

He is among 600,000 children who have fallen into poverty since the start of the Conservatives'  reforms, a trend that is projected to continue by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, an independent analysis firm.

The looming impact of Britain's departure from the European Union, scheduled for this March, is also likely to worsen the situation, according to an alliance of children's right groups.

With the current welfare changes, families on benefits are on average $2,700 worse off, according to calculations by the Child Poverty Action Group, an independent watchdog.

And while unemployment has more than halved under the Conservatives, wages have stagnated and the number of working families in poverty has risen.

Yet, poverty is a complex and a contested subject in Britain, where there are several contrasting measures of deprivation and some observers were skeptical about Mr.Alston's visit.

While child poverty has risen markedly in recent years, overall poverty levels have remained fairly steady or even dropped slightly - partly because of sharp falls in in pensioners poverty since the 1980s.

The Honor and Serving of the  latest Operational Research on Poverty and the World, continues.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and teachers of the world.

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