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Proud Pakistan, everybody keeps humming ''Social Security'' and 'Social Welfare' and Subsidies, to eek out a survival of sorts.

'Now : Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Zilli, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Seher, Zainab, what has the country got to go by, and get started? Capital, Structure, Lead time, Micro-Macro Finance, Economics, some sort of data base?

Whose conducting the investigations and research into extreme poverty segments?'

Students know great and best : Proud Pakistan, would just be best advised, not to go planing forward, without the involvement of the World Students Society. Just Mark my simple and humble words.

Since 2010, Britain has enacted cuts of more than $39 billion, freezing or reducing welfare payments and housing subsidies.

''THE U.K. was a world leader in social security after World War II, it was a world leader on privatization on a large scale and it is a world leader right now in self-imposed austerity,'' Mr. Alston said in an interview during a rare pause in his schedule, aboard a train in northeast England.

''And so it is an important case study to better understand the implications of an austerity approach.''

Since 2010, the government has set in motion more than $39 billion of cuts, freezing or reducing welfare payments and housing subsidies for families and disabled people and cutting back youth and children's services, as well as funding for  local authorities.

Bungled technical reforms have also delayed payments to struggling families, forcing thousands into unnecessary debt and rent arrears.

Here at the Newcastle West End food bank, a one-story building where staff members hand out nearly 300 food parcels a week, local residents were queuing up to tell Mr. Alston how the reforms had failed them.

One of them was Ms. Hunter. Until a year ago, she and her husband had been getting by, living off the money her husband made from painting toy figurines. Then he fell seriously ill, forcing the couple to apply for welfare payments.

But because of widely documented problems with the Conservatives new welfare system, known as  Universal Credit, the Hunters' predicament has worsened.

Almost all new Universal Credit recipients must wait around six weeks to receive their first payment, forcing those without savings into debt. The Hunters were no exception.

With no income, the Hunters immediately went into arrears on their rent and were unable to pay for electricity, food and heating. Only the generosity of their landlord prevents their eviction now, and only the existence of food bank keeps them fed.

''We wouldn't be able to survive without the food bank,'' Ms. Hunter said.

To avoid further cuts to their payments, Ms. Hunter must regularly provide the government with online updates to what she is doing to find work.

But because she cannot afford a.mobile phone or regular home Internet, she can sometimes only do this at the city's main library. And since she cannot afford the bus fare, she must walk three miles to get there - a lengthy round trip that hinders her search for work.

Libraries closer to home have either closed or had their hours and services scaled back, because of  government cuts.

Hospitalized with a heart condition last March, and unable to update her online account. Ms. Hunter had her payments suspended for three additional months, forcing her further into debt, she said.

''It's terrible,'' Ms. Hunter said. ''You don't know which way to turn.''

Ms. Hunter's situation is far from unique, staff members at food bank said. The demand for their hard parcels has increased by a fifth in the past six months.

Nationally, the number of food parcels distributed by the Trussell Trust, Britain's largest food bank network, grew to more than 650,000 during the summer of 2018, nearly double the 350,000 distributed during the summer of 2013.

An hour later, across town at the central library, Mr. Alston hurried into another round-table  discussions about the reasons for this rise.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research in Poverty in Developed and Rich  Economies of the world continues.

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