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''I WANT TO SEE roles where her purpose is fulfilled by her, not some someone or something else,'' Ms Rodriguez said : ''That's what heroes do. That's the right message.''

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Milla Jovovich as Alice in ''Resident Evil : The Final Chapter,'' She says, ''If audience go to see women in action, that means they believe a woman  can do that.''

Michelle Rodriguez Position Of Strength : ''When you see a staggeringly beautiful woman running around with a gun and she hits the guy with the back of her hand and he flies away, that isn't very realistic,'' Ms. Rodriguez said.

In choosing her actions films - like the ''Fast and Furious'' franchise and  ''Resident Evil'' - she looks for roles that show women capable of fighting for themselves, citing her fight scene with Ronda Rousey in the 2015 ''Furious 7.''

Michelle Yeoh - Not Just Protectors. Asian cinema has a long tradition of legal fighters but Ms Yeoh  {''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,'' ''Tomorrow Never Dies,'' ''Star Trek''} remembers when that wasn't always so :

At the beginning, when I started my career, it was always geared towards the men doing more of the action.

I'm very happy that things have changed so dramatically. It's because of what the audience demand as well.''

One change she's noticed in the motivations for fighting. ''Initially, it was much more a maternal role : She's fighting because she's protective,'' Ms. Yeah said.

But that's no longer the sole reason, and she cited movies like ''G.I. Jane'' [1997] as an example.

''They're fighting not just to protect their babies, they're doing it to protect their countries or protect justice. So the roles have evolved, and women have fought for these roles to say give us what we're due.''

Martial arts have also allowed women to take on more action roles because, she said, they train you  ''to use your technique to out maneuver someone who is bigger or stronger than you.

To use their weight against them, the technique of deflecting - it's not always about aggression, it's about fighting smart, not just fighting hard.''

That changed mind-set can also redefine what's sexy onscreen.

''It's up to the writer and director to make it more complex,'' she said. ''When you see a woman who is both mentally physically tough, it is also very sexy. It's very important thing that we see that in the movies for young women and men.''

Milla Jovovich : A Political Statement: Ms. Jovoich [''Resident Evil''] ''The Fifth Element,'' [''The Messenger''] remembers seeing ''Allen'' when she was 11 or 12 and being completely bowled over by Sigporney Weaver''s performance as the crew leader Ripley lighting the terrifying title creature.

''I never knew a woman could do that,'' she said. ''It made me want to be able to go into battle and be warrior.''

While that performance was a groundbreaker, actresses today can make just as much of a difference, she said :

''We live in a patriarchal society, we're dealing with it so much. So I think it is more important now to show women in positions of power. If audiences go to see a woman in action, that means they believe a woman can do that.

Movies haven't always deserved that audience. ''There's always going to be some voyeuristic misogyny,'' she said, but cited director like James Cameron; Luc Breson; and her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, as men who believed in women and cast them in roles of strength.

''When I did 'The Fifth Element',' I realized that I was never going to be the girl in the movie that goes 'watch out' or 'help me,'  she said. ''I felt like on a personal level it felt disrespectful to play the damsel in distress.''

Instead, she wanted to be more of an inspiration and has been gratified to hear from girls who have found her ''Resident Evil'' performance empowering.

''It's crazy the stories I've heard,'' she said. '''The power of a pop cultural image. It's everything.''

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