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Women who have the chops. And New Group of heroes punches and kicks a path to power in the world just also so, at the box office.

Charlize Theoron L Bruises And All : One way ''Atomic Blonde'' represents a new step can be seen where Ms. Theron faces off against a barrage of bad guys on a steep staircase.

With brutal kicks and punches, she takes out each one - all while wearing thigh-high boots and fabulous ''80s eye makeup. But whereas in an earlier film, Ms. Theron might might have emerged unscathed, here she is shown beaten up - her face swollen and bloodied. 

''I remember it was Day 2, my body was hurting, and my face is all bruised up, and my eye was swollen shut,'' Ms. Theron said. ''I remember thinking to myself, really?'' {She used her dance background along with strength and fight training for four to five hours a day to pull off the sustained combat sequence}.

But that realism was important to show, she and her director said. ''We wanted to ground the action and make it feel like it hurts,'' Mr. Leitch said, ''and sometimes people want to shy away from that when when it's a female character.''

He added : ''Part of the problem is that the directors treat female characters too often as precious. They want to live in a fantasy world where they just do spinning hook kicks and knock out guys who are 6-4, and that doesn't work either.''

Their solution was to show the consequences of action : Lorraine's bruises and injuries. ''Then you have the empathy for that character,'' Mr. Leitch said, ''and all of a sudden the movie works better.''

Michelle Rodriguez Position of Strength : ''When you see a staggeringly beautiful woman running around with a gun, and she hits a guy with the back of her hand and he flies away, that isn't very realistic,'' Ms. Rodriguez said.

In choosing her action films - like the ''Fast and Furious'' franchise and ''Resident Evil'' she looks for roles that show women capable of fighting for themselves, citing her fight scene with Ronda Rousey in the 2015 ''Furious 7.''

Guys, when they write women and they want them to badass,'' she said. ''they still put them in lipstick and heels, and I'm over it''

Then there's the plight of the autonomous woman. ''Sometimes for guy screenwriters, it's hard to find the value in women if they're not attached to a man, so they usually kill her off,'' Ms. Rodriguez said. ''She's an independent woman, and she's nobody girlfriend. ''What do I do?''

She avoids those roles, along with ones that exploit a women's sexuality, how scenes of rape or excessive nudity, or show her only as someone who needs to be rescued.

''I want to see roles where her purpose if fulfilled by her, not someone or something else,'' Ms. Rodriguez said. ''That's what heroes do. That's the right message.''

Michelle Yeoh Not Just Protectors : Asian cinema has a long tradition of female fighters, but Ms. Yeoh [''Crouching Tiger''] Hidden Dragon,'' ''Tomorrow Never Dies,'' ''Star Trek'' ] remembers when that wasn't always so :

''At the beginning, when I started my career it was always geared towards the men doing more of the action.

I'm very happy that things have changed so dramatically. It's because what the audience demand as well.''     

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