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CHARLIZE THERON : BRUISES AND ALL. One way ''Atomic Blonde'' represents a new step can  be seen in the scene where -

Where Ms. Theron faces off against a barrage of bad guys on a steep staircase. With brutal kicks and punches, she takes out each one - all while wearing high tech boots and fabulous '80 high eye makeup.

Several great stars have helped push the genre forward about how action roles have changed for women, how much thought goes into why they throw a punch and what it means to all viewers, and especially young girls, to see a woman kicking ass on screen.

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WOMEN who have the chops : New group of heroes punches and kicks a path to power at the box office.

SPEEDING car chases, heart-stopping  hand-to-hand combat bodies left for dead on the pavement, a backdrop of international espionage.

The director of David Leitch's latest film has all the elements of a Jason Bourne or James Bond blockbuster - except for one major difference:
It's a woman throwing the punches.

In ''Atomic Blonde,''  Charlize Theron takes on the biggest action role for a woman on screen to date.  ''The Coldest City'' by Antony Johnston, she stars as Loraine, an undercover MI6  agent who is sent to Berlin in the closing days of the Cold War to investigate a  murder and clean up a mess left by the British government. In her wake, she leaves her own trail of of bruises and blood.

With ''Atomic Blonde,'' release  last year, Ms. Theron joins a long line of actresses - think Pam Grier  [''Foxy Brown''} and Sigourney Weave  [the ''Alien''movies] - who have changed how women are portrayed in action movies  Ms. Theron has been here before - her furiosa was a big factor in the success of ''Mad Max : Fury Road'' in 2015 - but this summer, Ms. Theron pushes the limits of intensity and realism.

''It felt very provocative'' Ms. Theron said, ''and yet there was nothing, about this role that felt like I was outside of my skin.''

Mr. Leitch explained : ''I want to approach it like like you would a movie with any other male action character. So there's no distinction,'' he added. We don't apologize for anything we are doing, and we don't give explanations for anything we are doing.''

Still. Ms. Theron said these roles come often enough.

''I don't think we have ever given women a fair shot to really have the opportunities to take on roles like these,'' she said citing Ms. Weaver's as big inspiration for her ''Mad Max'' performance.
''I remember seeing her when she was young and it really left an impression on file? She's incredible.

Linda Hamilton in ''Terminator''. Scarlett Johansson right now. Tons more women could be amazing if they just had the opportunity,''

Other female action heroes agree.

Along with Ms. Theron, we talked to several stars who helped push the genre forward about how action roles have changed for women, how much thought goes into why they trow a punch and what it means for all viewers, and especially young girls, to see woman kicking on screen.   

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