PAKISTAN : As promised, Imran Khan launches university at Prime Minister House. 'The Islamabad National University' was launched on Friday.

PM Imran Khan presided over the inauguration ceremony of the two-day launch conference, which brought together experts from all over Pakistan as well as many renowned scholars from China, United States and European countries.

The conference aims to focus on how the new university will help in addressing emerging challenges and converting them into opportunities.

Initially, the Institute of Advanced Studies [IAS] will be established at this university. The institute will build relevant in-house research teams, which in turn will engage and collaborate with researchers and research institutions within the country and overseas.

In particular, it will collaborate with and guide various centres of advanced studies established by the  Higher Education Commission [HEC] in recent years.

Subsequently, in order to sustain and enhance the quality of research programmes, INU will initiate PhD level programmes in critical fields and focus on using the research impact on socio-economic development.

Speaking on the occasion, the PM said that this university will not just be a symbolic representation of what ''we envisage for our youth but also become a centre which will provide research based guidance for all the social, economic as well as institutional challenges.

There is no second opinion that nations cannot progress without quality education. We have everything for us in the governance system of Riasat-e- Medina. It was that great vision which helped Muslims become great academics and researchers for many centuries.''


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