PAKISTAN : Students demand end to fees, restoration of student unions.

The Punjab University students scream that the university administration instead of solving genuine  issues of students, stresses upon implementation of discipline.

A convention of  hundreds of students hailing from different educational institutions of the country on Saturday demanded an end to fees and restoration of  students union on the campuses.

The event was organised by Progressive Youth Alliance [PYA], a political organisation of students and youth.

An organiser of the event Student Adeel Hassan Zaidi shared that they got the NOC issued for the event but the district administration canceled it at the eleventh hour.

''When we asked them the reason, they refused to answer,'' he added.
He condemned the act describing it as an attack on democratic rights of the youth.

The event was marked with speeches of the students and youth and cultural activities including music, poetry and traditional dances.

Speaking on the occasion, newly elected chairperson of PYA Student Umar Riaz condemned the hindrances created by the government in their activities stating that neither they were armed nor drugs were recovered from their bags, nor were they receiving foreign funding.

Then why the government was scared from their activities.

''It feared because we talk about exploitation of workers, parents and students. We talk about an end to fees, class-based education system. They feared because, we talk about politicization of poor students,'' he said.


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