PAKISTAN : Cultural heritage is one of the most significant pillars of a society, and we talk about Sindh heritage in general, we are talking about diversity.

The land has been ruled by Middle Eastern and and Western rulers among several other prominent mentions throughout history. More known names include Muhammed Bin Qasim and Raja Dahir.

What's special about a diverse range of rulers in Sindh is that all of them brought their own culture and heritage along. For example Sindh consists of a unique range and designs of buildings, tombs and other architecture in different cities which represent those rulers and their presence in the province over varying eras.

In such a beautiful opportunity, promotion of the province's rich heritage is necessary to combat its deterioration, and one way to do that is by organising photowalks

A photowalk is an activity which is mostly performed by photographers, in which they walk through any specific area in the city to capture pictures along the way.

In this activity, photographers capture specific area or part  of the city in their own unique style and perspective, blowing a new life into an already existing marvel.

However,  due to lack of interest and negligence, we are slowly but steadily losing out on our heritage built upon centuries.

Due to lack of awareness of photo journalism and photowalks in particular, the culturally rich areas like Tando Muhammad Khan, Tando Fazil, Achrro Thar and Brahamanabad [Mansoora] are highly delightful.

 Besides these, there are still more cities in interior Sindh that offer awe-inspiring architecture which deserves to be promoted both locally and internationally.

The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Sanjay Mathrani.


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