HOUSTON Solemn preparations were underway Sunday for American national farewell to President George H.W.Bush, whose casket is to be flown from Texas to Washington aboard a presidential aircraft to lie in state at the start of a days-long state homage.

The 41st President died Friday, aged 94, at his home in Texas ''a very gentle and peaceful passing,'' his lifelong friend and adviser James Baker said Sunday on ABC.

To commemorate the first former president to die since Gerald Ford in 2006, officials have announced a detailed  four-day schedule of celebratory services and homages, organized with military precision by the Pentagon task force charged with protecting the U.S.capital.

Its culmination will be a state funeral at Washington's National Cathedral on Wednesday, - a day President Donald Trump - who had often clashed with the more staid and centrist Bush family - has declared a national day of mourning.


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