ROH-E-SAFAR : 'The Spirit of Adventure and Delight' planned as a world class start-up for Tourism, proudly sets sail with its classic inauguration:

https : //www.facebook.com/rohesafar.

Under the Chairmanship and guidance of Engineer Imran Basit :
EME/LUMS, MS China, proud recipient of Pakistan's Medal of *Pride of Performance*, and Mohammed Fahim Khan, Managing Director, MS University of Surrey, UK and -

Students Engineer Sannan Saqib and Mohammed Zaeem Khan 'A' Levels,

Amongst its other planned *Products and Operations*, the company is being positioned for a special segment for the students of the entire globe on regular basis.

The World Students Society advised A VORTAL, not a Portal, is planned for the next year cascade with Augumented Reality.

And it is hoped that eventually, students globally will able to join up using CryptoCurrencies. It is also hoped that the Students of India and entire Asian region will lend full follow up, and support and participation.

Watch Towers are being considered for all the countries of the world. 


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