SCORES of students from public and private universities marched from Istanbul Chowk to Charing Cross and staged a sit-in on a range of demands related to higher education on Friday.

The Students Solidarity March, organized by Progressive Students Collective, started at 2pm. Chanting slogans, the students gathered at Charing Cross where they presented their demands.:

Students Charter of Demands includes :

Student representation in decision making on campuses, restoring students unions, issuing degrees to enrolled students, increasing quotas for out-of-Punjab students-

Functional sexual harassment policies on campuses, increasing the budgetary allocation allowing for education investment to 5% of GDP, freezing the fee hikes, and improving the quality of education and teaching and research.

The full list of demands can be viewed on the PSC's Facebook page.

Students also raised their concerns on the paltry state of Pakistan's education system in an open letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, and asked for a clear response and immediate efforts towards remediating the crisis in education. 


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