Headline December 27, 2018/ '' 'BANISH WORLD'S BEGGING' ''


THE WORLD'S VERY FATHOMABLE TRUTH in the darkroom : The negative is what you put in and the print is equal to the performance.

''HERE'S A WEIRD THING about the world,'' thinks The World Students Society. The world believes that at any level of begging is one sure living and survival.

*Dignity be Damned*.

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In the Developing World begging seems to have taken over the entire strata of the society. Everyone seems to go about begging, mercy all, something Zilli, could never figure.

Obviously, and truthfully, the economics, fancy and all, have failed to give people a dignified way of living and hope.

The World Students Society will just not accept this form of living and the future. The Developing World leaders best wakeup to this misery and design policies that solve this cancerous, suffering  problem.

''I've stopped begging.......it's like I have another chance,'' said Bunthon, who paid for his enrollment with a bag of discarded bottle caps.

''I use rubbish to educate children by turning garbage into classrooms ......so the children will understand the value of using rubbish in a useful way,'' the 14-year-old said at the school, which opened a year and half ago about 115 kilometers [70 miles of west of Phenom Penh].

He plans to expand classes in the poor, agricultural province of  Kampong Speu to accommodate 200 kids, with a new kindergarten class featuring a wall made from the plastic bottles set to open next year.

He's optimistic the young minds are environmental ambassadors in the making.

''We hope they'll become new activists in Cambodia, understanding the use, management and recycling of waste,'' Vanday said.

Vanday's inspiration came after traveling around Cambodia and seeing tourist sites clogged with garbage.

Troubled by this, he set up a pilot project in Phenom Penh in 2013 before expanding it to second location in the national park.

Vanday's vision for a trash conscious Cambodia is ambitious in a Southeast Asian country where plastic bags and bottles are tossed out without a second thought, many of which end up in garbage choked cities or smothering once idylic beaches.

Cambodia accumulated 3.6 million tonnes of waste last year, according to the country's Ministry of Environment.

A mere 11 percent of that gets recycled, while almost half of it is is burned or thrown into rivers, causing widespread pollution said ministry of spokesman Neth Pheatra.

The rest is is trucked to overgrowing landfills and dump sites, where the piles of  garbage emitting  methane gas can lead to unexpected and dangerous fores., as well as add to climate change.

These grim scenes are what inspired Vanday to found the Coconut School, which is supported by donations and volunteer teachers, for kids who would get little in the way of environmental  education at regular state-run schools.

It is also a chance to help kids who would not b able to afford the after school programmes that have become commonplace for most youngsters across Cambodia.

Public education is free by law, but ''supplemental'' lessons for English or other extracurricular subjects cost extra, ranging from $6 a class to hundreds of dollars depending on the school and its location.

This could be a steep investment in a country where the average person earns under $1,400 per year.

For poorer families in remote areas, the children are sent to beg for money to increase their family income, making it difficult for them to justify paying for extra classes.

At his school Vanday wishes to put an end to this practice.

It has already worked for some .

''My English teacher doesn't let me beg for money or gamble,'' a 10-year-old former beggar Sun Sreydow said.

''I am glad. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.''

 With respectful dedication to the Grandparents, Parents, Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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