Headline December 26, 2018/ '' ' CAMBODIA'S '*RUBBISH SCHOOL*' ''


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JUST GIVING THE WORLD, especially the Developing World, a heads-up, that the students will just not accept drowning in the mountains of rubbish heaps of trash

THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY : wishes the entire world, the very best and the happiest of X-MAS greetings, and prays for peace, greatness and well-being for Humankind.

The World Students Society, - most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!, the world entire over, for every subject in the world, is the exclusive ownership of every student in the world.

And with that, to the very student, The World Student Society rises to give Mr. Ouk Vanday, a standing ovation, and assure his great-self  of total support and unending campaigns in the Developing World.

SITTING IN A BUILDING made from..........

Used tyres, plastic bottles and old sneakers, Cambodian student Roeun Bunthon jots down notes during an English lesson at the ''Rubbish School'' where tuition is paid for with trash instead of cash.

In return needy kids like Bunthon, a former street beggar, can take computer, mathematics and language classes - and learn the value of reducing waste in a notoriously polluted country where re-cycling is nearly non-existent.

''I've stopped begging...........It's like I have another chance,'' said Bunthon, who paid for his enrollment with a bag of discarded bottle caps.

Located in a national park, the Coconut School is built almost entirely from recycled waste and is the brain child of Ouk Vanday, nicknamed the Rubbish Man, a former hotel manager who dreams of a trash-free Cambodia.

About 65 kids are enrolled at the school, where classroom walls are made painted car tyres and the entrance adorned with a mural of the Cambodian flag made entirely from colorful bottle caps.

Most of that garbage came from students in the form of school fees.

''I used rubbish to educate children by turning garbage into classrooms..........so the children will understand the value of using rubbish in a useful way,'' the 34-year old said at the school, which opened a year and half ago about 115 kilometres [70 miles] west of Phenom Penh.

He plans to expand classes in the poor agricultural province of Kampong Speu to accommodate 200  kids, with a new kindergarten class featuring a wall made from plastic bottles set to open next year.

He's optimistic the young minds are environmental ambassadors in the making.

''We hope they'll become new activists in Cambodia''.

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