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AFTER MOEEN ALI 'S match winning performance, the players gathered on the grass for the traditional group photograph and Champagne-spraying celebrations.

Mr. Moeen Ali, who doesn't touch alcohol, stood apart. Alastair Cook, the great batsman and former captain of the team, noticed his isolation :

''Make sure Moeen gets in the picture first and then we can spray afterward,'' Mr. Cook insisted. And Mr. Moeen Ali was welcomed into the frame, he recalled in his recently published memoir, ''Moeen''.

THE THREAT of anti-Muslim bigotry in Britain has been growing and some politicians from the governing Conservative Party have been  encouraging it.

In a newspaper column in August, Boris Johnson, the former Conservative foreign secretary who is chummy with Steve Bannon and fancies himself an upper-class English version of President Trump - compared with Muslim women who face veils to ''bank robbers'' and ''letter boxes.''

Shaun Bailey, a politician from the Conservative Party as its candidate for London mayoral elections, took 13 years to offer a conditional apology for writing in a 2005 pamphlet that the effect of celebrating Muslim and Hindu festival is ''rob Britain of its community'' without which ''we slip into a crime-riddled cesspool.''

In September, in what police are investigating as a hate crime, a car ran over pedestrians outside outside an Islamic center of Cricklewood a northwest London neighborhood, injuring two people.

A report in July Tell MAMA, a group that monitors anti-Muslim activity, revealed a 26 percent increase in Islamophobic attacks in 2017. The victims were mostly Muslim women.

A recent survey by think-tank British Future found that whenever Islam was mentioned by those interviewed, it was ''almost always in the negative context.''

Except, that is, on the cricket field.

Perhaps surprisingly, the England cricket team, that most traditional of national institutions, has been leading the way in creating a more inclusive environment for its Muslim players.

Team sports are all about creating a cohesive identity. But instead of expecting every player to conform to the cultural codes of the team, the England and Wales Cricket Board acknowledges that every player is different and needs to be treated individually.

In doing so it has made the team stronger.

The Conservative Party, and indeed Britain as a whole, could learn a lot from cricket team's approach.

The  life and cricket career of Moeen Ali, a visible Muslim player on the England cricket team, illustrates how both the country and its minorities thrive when British institutions accommodate the religious and and cultural needs of minorities.

Mr. Moeen Ali, who is a religious Muslim, wears a luxurious beard, prays in the dressing room and fasts during five-day Test cricket matches, symbolizes something bigger than the game.

Every time Mr. Moeen Ali plays for England, British Muslims are praying and willing him to succeed.

When someone as devout as Mr. Moeen Ali thrives in the pressure cooker of professional sport, it lends hope for a better future to 2.8 British Muslim.

Moeen Ali, was born in the city of Birmingham, in 1987 to British-Pakistani parents. His grandfather, Shafayat Ali, was part of wave of South Asian migrants who moved to Birmingham and cities in the north of England like Bradford and Manchester to work in the manufacturing sector.

His grandmother was an Englishwoman named Betty Cox who met Shafayat Ali at a factory in Birmingham in the late 1940s.

''His family tree, Mr. Moeen Ali says, ''is a bridge between England and Pakistan.''

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