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THE WORLD AT LARGE, who encounter The World Students Society, often think and walk away thinking ''it is one unbelievably great and formidable and an original idea''.

All World Leaders, by and large are amongst the greatest of admirers : Prime Minister Imran Khan,  President Trump, Prime Minister Modi, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman -

Prime Minister Mahathir, President Xi, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and I could go on and on, and respectfully add the entire world

But I am just too bright and knowledgeable, not to think that in the real world all that sounds great :
''Everything is so nice, and in that way it is ''intellectually shattering' and disturbing'' because you're hard pressed to explain what's wrong with it.''

 '' BRAVE! NEW WORLD FOR YOU ALL!........................

You all, the great students of Myanmar, Rohingya. Kashmir, get preparing for Great Global Elections and ''register'' on The World Students Society, for every subject in the world.''

Professor Dr. Yuval Noah Harari/Oxford, thinking about all this, puts it this way : ''Utopia and Dystopia depends on your values,'' as Tech Leaders embrace the industry's purveyor of doom.

The story of his fame begins in 2011, when he published a book of notable ambition : to survey the whole of human existence.

''Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind,'' first released in Hebrew, did not break new ground in terms of historical research. Nor did its premise - that humans are animals and our dominance is an accident - seem a likely commercial hit.

But the casual tone and smooth way Mr. Harari tied together existing knowledge across fields made it deeply pleasing read, even as the tone ended on the notion that the process of human evolution might be over.

Translated into English in 2014, the book went on to sell more than eight million copies and made Mr. Harari a celebrity intellectual.

He followed up with ''Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow,'' which outlined his vision of what comes after human evolution. In it, he describes, Dataism, a new faith based around the power of algorithms.

Mr. Harari's future is one in which big data is worshipped, artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, and some humans develop Godlike abilities.

Now, he has written a book about the present and how it could lead to that future : ''21 Lessons for the 21st Century''. It is meant to be read as as a series of warnings.

His recent TED Talk was called ''Why fascism is so tempting - and how your data could power it.''

His prophecies might have made him a Cassandra in Silicon Valley, or at the very least an unwelcome presence. Instead, he has had to reconcile himself to the locals strange delight.

''If you make people start thinking far more deeply and seriously about these issues,'' he told me, sounding weary, some of the things they will think about might not be what you want them to think about.''

''BRAVE NEW WORLD'' Professor Harari agreed to let me tag along for a few days on his travels through the Valley, and one afternoon in September, I waited for him outside X's offices, in Mountain View, while he spoke to the Alphabet employees inside.

After a while, he emerged : shy, thin bespectacled man with a dusting of dark hair. Mr. Harari has a sort of owlish demeanor, in that he looks wise and also does not move his body very much, even while glancing to the side.

His face is not particularly expressive with the exception of one rogue eyebrow. When you catch his eye, there is a wary look - like he wants to know if you, too, understand exactly how bad the world is about to get.

At the Alphabet talk, Mr. Harari had been accompanied by his publisher. They said that the younger employees had expressed concerns about whether their work was contributing to a less free society, while the executives generally thought their impact was positive.

As we boarded the black gull-wing Tesla Mr. Hararai had rented for his visit, he brought up Aldous Huxley.

Generations have been horrified by his novel ''Brave New World,'' which depicts a regime of emotion control and painless consumption.

Readers who encounter the book, Mr. Harari said, often think it sounds great.

''Everything is so nice, and in that way it is an intellectually disturbing book because you're really hard pressed to explain what's wrong with it,'' he said.

''And you do get today a vision coming out of some people in Silicon Valley which goes in that direction.''

An Alphabet media relations manager had reached out to Mr. Harari's team to tell him to tell me that the visit to X was not allowed to be part of the story.

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