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MORE OFTEN THAN NOT - The World Students Society most respectfully and lovingly called, !WOW! - the greatest of democratic organisation humankind ever attempted, is :

The exclusive ownership of every student in the world : One Share-Piece-Peace is in complete receipt of threats of "Life and Limb''. from no one other than, psychotic coterie of criminals, black mailers and generally lower form of life.

The World Students Society is in precise know of your locations, your designs, your links from the Dark Web. We have gathered all evidence and witnesses.

We have total respect for the law. And for the sake of equanimity and grace, and our value system, ''warn you'' one last time. before we consider to execute our local and global options.

And teach you all some real lessons.

In my personal capacity, I warn you all hired guns, that any more uncalled for provocations and messages,and you will be hearing from me and global students directly

In A QUIET REVOLUTION, a cultural and political study of the evolution religious radicalisation in Egypt, Professor Leila Ahmed mentions that in the 1980s when terror attacks by extremist groups witnessed a surge-

The Egyptian government realised that the people associated with various extreme outfits were actually educated middle-class urbanites.

EVERY STUDY SHOWS - that students and people living near congested and busy roads are just  about ever prone to develop horrible mental disorders.

ACCORDING to Dr. Qurat Khan, assistant professor at the department of psychiatry at the Aga Khan University Hospital, noise and pollution are important contributors to the environment which play a vital role in the bio-psycho social model of psychiatric conditions.

They may cause unmasking and manifestation of psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar illnesses, psychotic illnesses and may also cause agitation, irritability  and restlessness among people especially those who are vulnerable.

When asked if this may be the reason doctors advise people to move to quieter areas to recuperate from stress, she says :

''Increased workload, multi-tasking as well as noise and air pollution may cause mental exhaustion, stress and fatigue. Moving away from these and other stresses along with engaging in exercises such as relaxation and meditation, may help in recuperate.

Dr. Chistie also mentions that in the case of Pakistan, the development versus the environment debate continue to rage. ''The easy answer to to which is to allow people to suffer, literally die, while unabashed 'development' continues.

We know very well that this development is actually nothing but private business interests that governments want to promote at the expense of the health of the nation.''

He laments that over the years, government and businesses have forgotten the ''precautionary principle'' which is just common sense - don't get into something that may cause damage to the health of not only people, but also other species.

''It is being increasingly learnt from research that major highways may not be the answer to burgeoning populations and economic activity. Smaller, self-sufficient town planning, with good public transport is the way to go,'' he says.

It is certainly alarming that according to the World Health Organisation three million people die every year due to outdoor air pollution.

The rise in population and urbanisation has resulted in people living close to heavy traffic and even a modest effect from near-road exposure could pose a large public health burden.

It is tragic that air pollution is not taken into consideration in urban planning and building design to reduce exposure.

This just might be the proverbial last straw  on the camel's back to prove why life in urban centres  continues to get more stressful.

More than ever, we need to clean up the air.

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