Headline December 14, 2018/ '' 'NOISE! -POLLUTION!- DEATH!' ''


''QUIET PLEASE, Quite Please, quiet please...............

YOUR EXCELLENCIES, Esteemed Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Developing World and even most of the Developed World :
Sires All !  :

TWENTY - EVEN 15 years ago, I would  have thought of myself a complete ASS, for believing in you all, and for being proud of the fact that I lived in a city Like I am to live on the planets Saturn, Neptune and even Mars.

May I say, Good Sires, that all your cities are wretched, out of control, Death Traps for slow agonising, and very painful deaths. With me, and all, right in the midst. Mercy, that most of us all will probably loose our Mental faculties, before smashing the bucket.

Prime Minister Modi, Sir! Prime Minister Imran Khan, Sir! : ''The Captain'', Prime Minister Hassina Wajid, Madam! Would you all nominate enough care to grace a comment for The World Students Society?

Any citizen, wellness, in your lofty plans?

Or maybe worthy and honorable citizens of the class of Mr. Sultan Abbasi, Sunil Gavasker,  Navjot Sidhu, Scientist Munawwer, Scientist  Dr. Masud Reza, Mr. Alamgir Khan, Engineer Imran Basit, Mr. Wadood Mughal Singapore, Haider Naqvi, Engineer Yakoob Bhatti/IBM-

Mr. M Fahim Khan, Mr. Naveed Iqbal Querishi/Siemens, Dr. Mustansir Tanoli, Dr. Imran Bokhari,  Head of Global Capital Markets Imran Khan, Lawyer Zainab Khan, Rabo, Dee, Juniper, Saima, Haleema, Dantini Zilli, Seher Khan/Kings College,  would spark a comment.

STUDIES SHOW - beyond doubt, that people living near busy roads are more prone to developing mental disorders.

Living in the developing world, say, a throbbing metropolis such as Karachi, the rattling of buses on the roads, the incessant blaring of horns, the constant whirring of the rickshaws, coupled with the omnipotent cloud of pollution hanging over us are things which we simply have surrendered to.

We raise hue and cry about pollution - be it air or noise - well aware that that it is a cause for grave health concerns. Air pollution results in aggravated cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

Noise pollution may result in seemingly trivial ailments such as sleep disturbance and annoyance and even lead to to hearing impairment, hypertension, iscchenic heart disease, changes in immune system and birth defects.

However, it is just not the body that is susceptible to damage at the hands noise and air pollution.

According to recently published research which followed nearly two million people in the Canadian province of Ontario over 11 years [2001-12], air pollution or noisy traffic could be contributing to mental disorders as well.

The study was published in the Lancet  -one of the world's oldest and best known general medical journals.

Among the illnesses caused by pollution is dementia. About 243, 611 cases of dementia were diagnosed during the study, but the risk was greater among those living close to major roads.

In this large population based cohort, living close to heavy heavy traffic was associated with a higher incidence of dementia.

According to Dr. Jawad Chistie, a prominent environmentalist and principal consultant at Sabhe Nau, a non-profit engaged in conserving nature and improving public health, the link between dementia and air pollution is not something to be taken lightly.

''The science to prove such links is not easy and generally takes many years, if not decades,'' argues Dr. Chistie. ''Just like public health experts spent about a full 100-years before they could come up with ''conclusive evidence'' that smoking causes cancer.

The studies to suggest the link were there, and people also knew that smoking could cause cancer but convincing governments, and the tobacco industry, proved to be extremely difficult.''

The environmentalist explains that besides dementia, there are many other diseases, such as multiple sclerosis that have been suspected of having an aetiology linked to pollution, or more generally environmental causes.

Common air pollutants such as PM 2.5, PM 10 and NOx [fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxide] are all leading to major problems including harmful gases that people are exposed to living near major highways,'' he continues.

Previously, scientists have linked air pollution and traffic noise to reduced density of white matter and lower cognition. A recent study suggested that magnetic non-particles from air pollution can make their way into brain tissue.

Professor Caleb Finch at the USC Leonard Davis School Gerontology says ;

''Microscopic particles generated by fossil fuels enter the our body directly through the nose into the brain.

Cells in the brain treat these particles as invaders and and react with inflammatory responses, which over the course of time, appear to to exacerbate and promote Alzheimer's disease.''

The World Students Society stops to thank author and researcher, Maryam Murtaza Sadriwala.

The sufferings, and yet the Honors of serving the latest Global Research on the State and Quality of Living continues.

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